Adverstising: The Key of blogging

I am convinced that blogging doesn’t work at all if you don’t work with brands or Google doesn’t put advertising on out blog site. Not in the long term, at least. In the beginning advertising might not be a problem, but it will become a thing as soon as you have a fanbase. Why?

Because you like it or not, a blogger needs money to do this full time job (because it is a full time activity) in the best possible way and to improve the content and to make you fans happy.

Opening a blog is nowadays absolutely easy. I open myself a blog on WordPress and i took five minutes to have my space in internet, maybe even less. This is not, however, the problem. A blogger have to invest lots of money monthly to be a good blogger: a food blogger has to maybe buy a kitchen to cook or must have money to try the trends or has to travel all around the world to try all the traditional food in every country; a fashion blogger needs money to buy the outfits or must have money for make-up and accessories. In my case, in future i will have to invest money to pay subscriptions on different newspapers. More than that, both kind of bloggers has to buy cameras (a good camera for great quality video and picture), lights and maybe program for editing. It all costs money, lots of money. On top of that, bloggers doesn’t want to spend all their money and they don’t want to spend everything they have for making you happy. We love what we do, but it must be economically sustainable.

And the only way to make money out of a blog is advertising or external investment. For the second one, however, one must be really big, but for the advertising not so much. The only thing a blogger has to do is just focus on what he or she does and create a fanbase. Money will come with the traffic the blog can generate with all the fans. Even better is when brands call the blogger to start a partnership. It can be every kind of LEGAL partnership but the point is that the blogger earn money. And with that money he or she can cover all the costs and pay the bills, food a house…and live in a decent way.

Without advertising or partnership blogging is almost impossible. If you want to see or read some high quality content, a blogger has to invest time, money and energy to give you what you want. And money doesn’t grow on trees. So, if sometimes you see an advertising on your loved blog or your beloved blogger is sponsoring a product don’t be mad, angry and disappointed. As long as he or she does that, be happy because he or she can continue your activity and you can continue to be happy!


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