Election Day 2020: who will win?

In November the world will change. One thing is for sure: after the election day in the United State the world will change. Because what happens in the U.S.A. effects the entire world. But how big the change will be? There are three different scenarios, in my opinion.

The first one is that Trump is re-elected. Even if lot of people say that he’s the worst president ever, there are people out there who will vote for him once more. Different Polls say that Joe Biden and the dem are in front, but i don’t believe them too much: for years ago was the same situation and we know who won at the end. If he will still be the president, something you have to keep on the table, lot of people in America and outside will not be happy, especially those who have seen in the POTUS an enemy: i’m talking about mexican, women and black-american people. If the situation now is tense, the whole thing might get even worse if he’s gonna be re-elected. One might try to start the impeachment once again, for whatever reason, but i don’t think it might work…i mean, it has not worked in the past, why the next time might be different? Once think is sure: if Trump wins, there will be very funny four years to live…maybe the last four years for humanity.

Or the Democrats win. Somehow Joe Biden wins the election day, despite Trump trying everything he could to not let Biden talk and express his ideas and opinions in the debates. That would be amazing for an entire country, but how the world will react? Let face the reality that United State of America is right now not the most loved country: in China with the commercial Bans, in Europe with the step back from both the WHO and from the Paris Accords, in Middle East with the “Muslim Ban” there are countries in this planet that don’t love America right now so much. And i am not talking about the COVID-19 pandemic with its hundreds of thousands of deaths (and still counting). If Biden wins it will be interesting to see what will be the approach he will take to make thing right again with Europe, middle East and China. And, more important, what he will do to fight the COVID-19. It will be absolutely interesting four years.

Or none of them will be able to be president. With the pandemic there are the possibility that both candidate will be infected and they have to step aside for a while. Just because you are running for the presidency doesn’t mean you are immune. What happen then? It would be a never-seen-before situation and i don’t even know that the Constitution says something about what to do in this kind of case. If neither Trump or Biden are able to become president, who might be? Pretty awful situation. I hope not to see this scenario comes reality, but looking how dangerous this days are and how easy is to be infected, never say never.

No matter what might happen and who is gonna win one thing is for sure: the day after the election will be a day full of open question, problem to be solved and uncertainty. Whoever wins will have lot to do. The question is that the winner is able and ready to face all those peoblem.

What do you think?


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