I Love Pizza!!!

Who doesn’t love pizza?? This is by far the most famous and loved food in the entire world. It doesn’t matter where you go, there always be an “italian restaurant” where you can eat “original pizza made in Italy!”. I am not kidding: i travel in different country in my life and i always found a fast food or restaurant where i could eat pizza, even in place i would have never imagined to find one. I was tempted to try, then i saw how those pizzas really looked and i ran away like i had seen i ghost.

Guys around the world, let me tell you something: don’t do something you can’t! Pizza is not for everybody. Just reading the ingredients you may thing that it’s easy to do, well it’s not. Don’t you believe me? Let’s play a little game: if you dont live in Naples, buy a pizza and eat it. Done that? Well! Then book a flight to Naples and eat THE PIZZA. You will realized the difference.

Pizza is a masterpiece. It’s like the Mona Lisa, The David of Michelangelo, the Sistine Chapel (all italian pieces of arts, by the way!). You can’t improvise. It’s impossible to describe what you feel when you eat something unique and amazing like that. It’s like going to heaven and come back at every bite. Between the crispy edge, the stringy mozzarella and the juicy Tomato sauce your mouth will be overwhelmed by all of it. Pizza, with all three ingredients, is able to let you live a extracorporeal experience. People told that they have seen Jesus himself while they ate pizza.

Three ingredients, nothing more. Three ingredients are enough to let you have the best orgasm you have ever had in you life. Sometimes eating pizza is better than having sex. The pizza base (with flour, water and yeast), juicy and red tomatoes, white and unique mozzarella, a little bit of olive oil and basil. Nothing more and nothing less. NO ANANAS, NO VEGETABLES, NO FRUITS. If you add more, you are no more my friend!! Why destroy something perfect!! Pizza is the best food EVER!! Better that Hamburger, Sushi, and Ice cream.

As italian, i would eat pizza every day. I just love it. Now that i live in Germany it’s a pretty nightmare not to eat the REAL AND TRADITIONAL ITALIAN PIZZA. What i found is just a bad imitations. I am sure that when i come back to Italy, i will eat every single pizza in the entire country. I will be fat, but i will be happy!

So, tell me, do you love pizza too? Which one do you love the most?


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