New Era for Women is coming!

The 21st Century in the century where everything is changing. We are changing the way we eat, we move, we think and we live. Between “Blacklivesmatter”, the “LGBTQ” and all the movement in pritection of women rights the society is chaniging, you like it or not. However, there’s something going on, pretty big that not all of us have realized how big it really is.

Women around the world have started to say NO. NO to all the standards that a male world has been giving them since the beginning of time: women have to dress, talk, act, work and live in a specific way…and the best way was basically “shut up and make your man happy”. In the 20th Century women fought for their rights and freedoms, but they have always somehow failed. They reached incredible results, don’t get me wrong, but if you look back to all the steps forwarsd made, they are not so incredible big, turnigng the entire feminist movement like a joke in man’s eyes.

However, this time seems different. Now women have something they didn’t have before: female role model and social media. Back in the 60s, 70s there were lot of fighting women, but they were hidden, because they were not famous and they didn’t have spotlight or opportunity to shine and those who had success were not ready to risk everything for the fight. Maybe they wanted to, but they didn’t want to lose everything they reached. I can understand that. In the 21st Century the music is changed: women now have the opportunity to shine, reach the top of the mountain and talk to millions and millions of other women. Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Michelle Obama are one of those examples and like her lots of other women around the globe. All these female superstar now can reach every woman around the world at the same time with just one click on social media. How cool is that! If they really wanted, they could start a war.

And men are afraid. Afraid to lose everything they have and should not have. In the 60s and 70s women always screamed out loud “my body, my choice” without having the opportunity to do it for real and men were happy about it. Now it’s a completely another story. How many women now show their bodies on social media? How many women are no more afraid to show who they really are? A lot and even more amazing is to see the proud, the balls and brave the ladies have to response to all the aminal called men who insults women, calling them sluts, just because they are naked or they express an opinion. Finally women are starting to keep their head up and speak their mind.

Proud to live in a world where women are taking back what they need to have: equality. It’s a long process, but the more they are, the harder is for the men to fight back.


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