I am a nice guy. So, i think that the best way to start my journey here is to introduce myself in the best polite way possible. Then one can start to diss, insult and say horrible thing about everything and everyone, but right here one has to be kind, nice and sounds cool.

My name is Mauro, nice to meet you! I am 29 years old (probably pretty old to be a rookie), i am italian, but i live in Germany. Why leaving a wonderful country like Italy to move in the land of Wurst? Money, basically. I was broke and i wanted to make money and moving away from a really bad situation might help me to live a better life. So i thought. In reality you change the place, but everything will be the same.

I had a Job in Germany, but then with the COVID-19 pandemic i lost it. With so much time in my hand i thought that being a blogger might be a good way to start something and create a hobby that might make me happy! I don’t know if it will wotk, but i want to try. In this specific moment, i don’t know what i am going to talk about in this blog. I have a lot of ideas, but most of them are stupid. So i have to test and see what happens. Anyway..if you have ideas, let me know. Maybe you can help me!!

More than that i would not say. I don’t want to riun the mistery around myself. So, the only thing i have to say is enjoy and we’ll see the next time!!


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