What’s important to be good blogger!!

Let’s say that you are one of those people with a really creative mind and you want to share all you have in your brain with the entire world. You create your own website, you customize it and finally you are about to make your very first step wrtiting your first article. This is amazing, but have you thought if you have what you need to be a good blogger?

Before creativity, talent, originality there some more thing you need to possess if you want to have success. What are those things? Don’t you get it? Well, let me explain you.

As soon as you publish something, your content will reach others. And with other i mean people, real people! Those ladies and gentlements will probably read your contents and maybe they will leave you their opinions. Yes, you can ignore them, but it’s not good for business. If you only want to share your thing but you don’t want to talk with others, why do you want to be a successful blogger in the first place? For the money? Well, you can’t have money if nobody follows you. And not talking with someone interested in your work is not a smart way to create your loyal fanbase. Discussion, change of opinions and taking care of all the comment is essencial to be someone. Followers doesn’t come to you like a bear to the honey. But you probably know that, don’t you?

Speaking of people, are you a nice person? Because you will have to deal with all kind of people and the bigger you will become, the higher will be number of comment both on your blog an on your social media. You will find everything, literally everything: from love messages, to death threats to critics and go on. Do you know how to handle all of it? I am just asking. If you don’t love to talk with stupid people in general, or you don’t stand ignorance or different opinion, maybe internet is not the best place you should be. Being mentally open and nice with other is the key to success. Not accepting the others will let you see the number of followers growing to zero. It is what it is.

Respond to comment and being nice. Two important things, but why do i have the feeling that i missing something? Let me think…oh, right! Are you good in ass kissing? Sorry for the bad word, but it’s essencial to be good in blogging…the ass licking, not the bad language! Don’t forget to thank all your followers that follow you, buy your merchandising and treat you like a god. Having a brown tounge is important. Never forget to let yout follower feel important and part of your journey. You are the one who invest time, money and energy in your blog, but with reader your career is miserable. So, your followers are as important as your effort. Don’t forget that. You might not like it, but it’s a little sacrifice to be successful. Would you rather poor and pure or rich and dirty? Your choice!


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