How to be known in internet!!!

Being a blogger means basically two things: share and connect. If for sharing the only thing you have to do is open your blog site an start writing what’s in your mind, things gets pretty tricky when we talk about connect with people. And the reason is only one:

You don’t know what the people wants. You can research as much as you want, but things change too fast in internet. What’s good one month, might not be good anymore the next month. Now you have two path to follow: follow only the trends or follow only your mind and see what happens. I know that probably you are wondering why do you have to connect with people. Well, my dear reader, if you don’t want to connect with people, why are you opening a blog? Blogging and connecting with people are two faces of the same coin.

Let’s take the case where you decide to follow trends because this is the key for looking cool and fresh and become someone. You might be right, but what happens if you don’t know nothing about a certain trend? Or just think about the fact that you could not know about a certain trend. It can happen. For someone who professes himself as the “one who know what’s going on in the world” is not cool. Your reputation might be damaged or destroyed. All the effort you put in your activity, just to make that couple of thousand of follower, becomes useless. That’s not good for business.

Or, you think to be wiser than that and you take another approach: you write of what you want and you don’t care about what happens around you. It’s a wise choice, on paper. The truth is different: you can be the most talented person ever, but if your topic is not known or appreciated you might be in big trouble, because no one has interested in what you have to say, squashing your dreams of having your own community. If you are lucky and if you work really hard, people can maybe start to get interested, but it doesn’t happen immediately and not all the time. It’s a really hard path you chosen.

There’s maybe a third path. It is exactly in the middle: you still keep writing what you know and showing yourself, but taking a look in what happen around you. In this world you can’t afford to ignore the trends and you can’t afford not to be yourself in internet. Of course you don’t have to look like an idiot just for a couple of views, but if the trend is not so stupid and it might suit on your blog, why not do it?

Nowadays catch up with what happens around us is crucial to have a tiny hope to success. This is a reason why i won’t be famous at all.


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