I’m GAY!

Life is beautiful: you have a wonderful marriage, you children love you and life is going amazing. However, one day your son or your daugther comes to you becasue they want to tell you something. You and your partner have no idea what’s about to happen, so you start to be a little bit worried. You and yout beloved wife or husband sit and you start listening what the result of your love has to say. You can’t believe it!

You don’t know how to react on that news. In few minutes you fell like your entire life crawling down into million pieces, wondering if you have done some mistake in your role as parent. Now, if you really react like that, i will look for you, i will find you and i will punch you right in the face.

What’s wrong of being gay? I don’t really understand. It doesn’t make any sense that in this FREE WORLD there’s a “right” way and a wrong way to live, limiting the freedom to choose what to be and how to live. Basically it’s a free world as long as you live accordingly to the “standards”. Why being gay is a wrong way to live and love in the first place? If two people of the same gender love each other, who are we to say that it’s wrong? We can’t. Normality is a personal concept. What’s normal for me, might not be for someone else.

I don’t think that it’s about th religion why we are so closed mentally. I think it’s about the fact that we are not comfortable when we have to face situation we are not used to live or when we don’t understand them. Basically our ignorance drives us to act like idiots when we talk about gay or lesbian. In this world “normality” is when a man fall in love with a woman and viceversa. Two man or two woman who fall in love are not normal and they have to be fought until the last breath.

Why gay bothers so many people around the world is something not understandable. I have three rules in my life: if you pay taxes, respect the law and my personal freedom you can do whatever you want. I apply these rules on everyone. Are you a man and you love another man? Good for you. I don’t care at all; are you a man and you love to be surrounded by several naked man in bed? As long as you are happy and satisfyed it’s all good for me.

Love should not know limitation. We deserve to be happy, it doesn’t matter how or with whom. Just let gay and lesbian live their lives as best as they could. They don’t want to force you to change your tastes. They just want to be free to live their love without being judged or being forced to hide their very onw personality. We should be happy that two person are happy together and not let them down.

Life is simple for real, but we find somehow funny to make things complicated. One more thing to all the parents around the world: if your son or daughter tell you they are gay or lesbian don’t be rude: be happy and support them. This is what they want. You can even imagine how hard is for them to tell you that and you have no idea how afraid they are to disappoint you as a parent.


5 thoughts on “I’m GAY!”

  1. Great post. I live in a somewhat conservative Asian country, and besides sexuality, interracial dating is also seen as taboo. We should let people (or our children) do what they want, and not try to impose our beliefs on them. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Being gay might seem right to man, but it certainly isn’t right to God.

    God is against homosexuality. He never created anyone gay. Homosexuality comes as a result of perversion of your affections.

    Repent from it.
    Desist from such evil!


    1. Dear human being, we are all creatures of God, black, white or yellow, gay or straight, everything on this planet, in this Universe is a creation of God from the harmful bacteria to the most beautiful (beauty is in the eye of the beholder) thing you can see, who are we to judge God’s work, he has a plan that is much bigger than me or you, we cannot even fathom to comprehend is work. By judging His work it is you that should repent. May the Light show you the way. With Love


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