Imperfection is the new perfection.

If you think about beauty, what kind of image do you have in mind? I am sure that the men will think of one of the Victoria’s secrets’ model and the ladies would think of a tall man with big muscles. However, what’s happening is pretty different and let me tell you…i have never been so happy!

What has been happening since a year now, maybe even more, is that especially women have decided to be who they are. Let me be more specific: women have decided to show how they really look. It should sound normal and absolutely not a big deal, but in 2020 it is a big moment. Why have women begun to do that now? I am not sure. I could say that women are fighting so hard for it or that men have started to change the way they look women but it would be not true.

I think that the reason is somewhere else. I am pretty sure that the reason is behind the fact that women has got no fear anymore, because they know they are not alone anymore. Back in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s women accepted to look in the way the men wanted, not because they were afraid of men themselves, but because they were afraid of the consequences the would have faced if they had done something against the rules. In that period every woman was alone and there was not that kind of “community” we have right now.

Thanks to Facebook, Instagram and all the social media women have realised one thing: they were not alone anymore and, more important, other women out there were struggling with the same problem. Basically for every woman there are a “female army” ready do defense another woman in case of emergency or necessity. It’s a huge power.

So now many women around the world have said “enough with these stupid rules! I am not a thing and you, my dear friend, do not own me!” And here we are now celebrating a new form of female beauty. A beauty made up of a couple of extra pounds, freckles, wrinkles, cellulite and dark circles. That doesn’t mean a woman isn’t beautiful. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. I was weird to see all those women looking exactly alike just to meet men’s expectations. They are finally not afraid to stand up and say NO.

And they have even less fear to response to all of the insults that lots of cavemen write on internet (because they don’t have the balls to say it in the face). Absolutely lovely to see all that man destroyed by a woman who shows finally his brain and has no fear to start a fight for her freedom. Finally this world is going in the right direction…at least in this situation.

Proud to live in a world where women fell free to be who they are!


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