Pasta saves lives!

If you think that i am exaggerating you have never been in Italy. Pasta is by far the most eaten food in the “Bel Paese” and one fo the most loved foods worldwide. It’s fascinating that Italy is famous for three things: Pizza, Pasta e Mafia (even if the last one is not a cool thing to be remember…at all). But i am right: pasta saves lives. Which ones?

I don’t know the exact number, (maybe 60 million italians), but mine for sure! I could live eating at lunch pizza and at dinner pasta. It’s not really healthy way to feed myself, but who cares! I love them, like most of the people on this planet. But why pasta is so loved??

Well, let’s start saying that pasta is delicious. You can eat that even without sauce, if you want: a touch of olive oil and enjoy!! And for a lazy ass like myself it’s a huge thing. It doesn’t matter which kind of pasta you want to eat or where you eat it, that will be a wonderful moment. Pasta is like black: it suits perfectly with everything. Between tomato sauce, meat and vegetables you only have to choose the ingredients you want and do something delicious.

However, i just want to explain you a couple of things about it. Because around the world people love to destroy perfection. First you let the water boil, salt it and then throw the pasta insinde the pot. I have seen videos where people cooks the pasta into the boiling sauce and my eyes wanted to leave my body for good. Please don’t do that. Everytime you do, an italian die. Please, stick with the tradition and you will have the best dinner of your entire life.

Follow the instruction on the package. If there’s written “8 minutes” just don’t cook pasta for 15. Look, i let you cook it for just one moer minute. More that that you should be arrested. Pasta must be “al dente”, which means something between raw and cooked. Don’t be creative because it might be dangerous for your stomach.

One last thing, maybe the most important. Pasta is not something you serve with meat or salad. We are not in Japan and Spaghetti is not ramen. Pasta must be eaten on dinner as a complete dish and not as a side dish. Between Amatriciana, Carbonara, Tomato Sauce and Arrabbiata you have a huge choice to have the best dinner of your life. Don’t riun everything…especially if you have a date at home! Be smart and do the right thing.

There’s only few rules and probably pasta is the easiest thing to cook. Why do you have to riun your experience? Just don’t do that!


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