I LOVE you!

Seven letters, three words, the most powerful feeling you can express in this life. Love is by far the most powerful, scary and overwelming feeling you can have in your heart. It’s so powerful that can help you touch the sky or see the devil in the eyes. On the other side is the most used word to give a name of feelings that are not love. Love is much more that just infatuation or ormonal attraction.

I don’t know but those three words are maybe used too much, even to explain a simple physical attraction. Love is much more than that. We should sometimes be careful, because when you say “i love you” to someone can be a pretty huge moment for the one in front of you…especially the other has got strong feeling for you. Don’t even try to use it as joke material, because it’s cruel. If you are in love with someone and this someone tells you “i love you” and then explain you that it was a joke, your heart will stop to beat for a second. It like having a nightmare, the worst possible one.

Don’t use this exclamation easily, because you are gonna hurt someone else’s soul. Just be human for once in your life. You know what the phrase “i love you” really is?

It’s a promise. A promise that you will be there no matter what, that you will support your beloved, you will be happy for him/her when he/she will have success and you will be the shoulder he/she will cry when the he/she feels down. It’s a promise that you will have faith in him/her and never ever doubt in him/her, even if the situation between you is not clear as the sky in a summer day. You are promising that you will accept him/her for who he/she is, for how he/she looks like and you are ready to be all-in, with the good and the bad things….nothing will be left away.

It’s a testament of your feeling for him/her. You are telling him/her that you want to be close to him/her like you have never been with anybody else, that you will aprreciate him/her even if he/she’s in pygiama, a messed-up haircut, no make-up and you will tell him/her everything even the most embarrasing, weirdest, darkest and strangest thing in your mind.

You are declaring that you will always be loyal to him/her, you will never EVER cheat on her/him and you will treat him/her with the respect he/she deserves. You are declaring that you will be there even if you fight and things seem to be impossible to regain. But you will be there trying to figure out what to do to make thing right again.

Let me ask you something? Are you sure to fell eyactly all this thing in your heart? Are you really ready to go so far for someone? Before to say those “seven letters, three words” think one second and then open your mouth, because you are going to play with someone else’s heart. Don’t be cruel to an innocent person and a liar to yourself. If you just have a crush on someone don’t be stupid and reflect on your feelings. If the crush turns into something more, then it maybe time to say those three word, seven letters.


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