Never give up!

It might sound a little naive, but it’s a real truth. “Never give up” is not only a catchphrase you can use to sound tough and cool, but also something you can use to achive the unthinkable. Here is my point.

When you start something (and it can be everything) you start from zero: no coustumer, no investors, no publicity and no followers. You are alone in front of a huge mountain. In your head thousands of doubts, open questions and bas thoughts are destroying your soul and they are not giving you no break. There are even people around you who are betting against you, saying that you ain’t got what it take to be something big. But your will is stronger than all of the rumors, doubts and open questions and you start to do what it takes to achieve your goal, no matter what.

In the beginning it’s all amazing: you are new in town, people are getting curious and your business is growing so fast that you can’t even believe what’s happening to your cretion. Maybe something so good was only in your wildest dream, but here you are. Now it’s time to get serious. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. And it’s actually your problem.

One day, sooner or later, you will fall. You will fall because you did something wrong, the world around you is going bad, you don’t have that positive energy you had in the beginning or maybe your business is so big that you are overwhelmed and you can’t do this anymore. There are too many reason why you will fall. I really hope for you that you will never fall, but life is made of ups and downs. What one can do when one faces a down, even a big one?

This is the moment where you have to work the hardest. Never give up as i said. You have to understand what’s going on, analyse the situation and find out the reason of your fall and work on it. You don’t have to cry like a baby or quit like a coward thinking that you can’t do that. Why have you started your journey in the first place? Life is cool, but sometimes is a cruel teacher: first she hits you and then tells you why.

Take a breath, relax and go to work. There’s always a solution for everything. Be focus. Don’t forget what you have done until that moment and where you want to go. Use your brain and your experience to turn that bad situation into something even bigger that you can even imagine. Don’t let the bad feeling take control of you. You can do this. You know what to do. If you need a help, ask for a help; if you need time, take your time; if you have to turn the entire concept upside-down, then this is exactly what you have to do. Listen only to yourself and those who really wants to help you.

Don’t make excuses. This is your creation, your dream and your life. You have to fight for what you want. Nobody will do for you. It’s true, maybe is a really bad moment, but if you don’t do something for it, you will never see the light once again. Life tests you, every time and you have to be ready for the challenge. Because if you pass the test, you wil be stronger than you ever were. Believe that!

Never give up!


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