Sky’s the limit!

When you open something in internet or you start your own business in the “real world”, we have often fear that what we do might not work and we make the mistake not to do more, because we don’t want to see our creature destroyed. Wrong move. Think big, man!

You’ve nothing to lose. You had nothing before and you will have nothing after, if things doesn’t go as they suppose to. When one begins something one is Mr. Nobody and one business is worthless, not because it’s useless, but in the beginning everything is zero. Even the biggest company today where worthless and nothing. Only with the hard work you can turn dust into the brightest diamond in the world.

You decide where to go and where to stop. Every single door is open in front of you, every single person is ready for you and every single investor is ready to help you. It’s up to you to decide where to go. But one thing i would say right now: be ambitious and never be afraid to think big and to it big. Don’t have fear to try different things, take some risks and put everything on the line, when the time is right. It will come the moment where you have to risk. Uncertainty is part of the journey. Even if you have planned everything until the tiny tiny little details, there will be always something that will destroy all your plans. Every business, even the biggest one is a house of card: just one blow of wind stronger that usual and the house falls down. Maybe the bigger businesses need more that one blows to crawl done, but they will feel the blow, trust me! Especially in this world where everything is connected and fast like never before.

Try different things, explre new directions, be curios, put yourself always in question, see where you can improve. Try to be bigger and bigger. Never be 100% happy with your results. Enjoy your successes, but analyse where you can be better, set everytime bigger and more difficult goals to achieve. This is how you have to think to be great. Sky’s the limit. Actually there’s no limit in business. You can be the best ever. Why stop yourself in the very beginning of the journey, when you have so much to try, discover and learn.

Never stop. During your journey you start with an idea, but then comes out something new that you want to try or you will meet someone and you will go in another direction, a direction you never thought you would be able to walk on. Be brave to take risks. You will fail anyway. Better face failures with your head up than with the fear in your eyes. Because with failures there are new opportunities and you have to be ready to catch them and turn into something good…and you can do only if you are focus and ready to go.

Once you open a business you have to start humble, work hard, but with your eyes to the horizon, Never lost sight of where you are agoing and never doubt in your talent. You can be whatever you want and become the biggest star in the universe. You only have to want it. Remember: Sky’s the limit.


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