Women, you are heroes!

I truly believe that. It’s weird to say nowadays, but women are real heroes…for the wrong reasons, of course. I would love to celebrate them for something they do for humanity, but I can’t. Not because they don’t do nothing, but it’s not enough for a post here. They are sadly heroes for other reasons.

In 2020 they still fight for their freedoms. They have to face the fact that they can’t go outside wearing what they really want, they have to deal with pervert that will look at them in a scary way just because they wear a mini-skirt or a top in the middle of summer and they have to hear people talking (often crizicising) about the way they look. Women are fighting back all this ignorance but all those bad look and comments hurt…and the fact that there are so many of them make everything even worse.

Women can’t do what they want with their body. If society is “upset” if just because the clothes are too shorts, can you imagine how disappointed it might be if a woman pose naked for a photoshooting or she is naked in a movie or in a scene? It would be a disaster for them. And it’s absolutely non sense, because men are shocked if a woman shows her body on instagram, for a calendar on a magazine or for a brand’s campaign but it’s ok if they watch the same naked woman doing certain thing on certain sites (you’ve probably already understood what i’m talking about). “My body, my choice” women scream out loud. And they are right…in a normal world. But for now it’s “my body, man’s choice”. I would already killed myself if i had to face so much hatred, but women are stronger than men and they continue to do what they love the most…but not always is an happy ending (see what happens to August Ames and Jessica Jaymes).

The female universe is even worse if we talk about love. Lesbian have always fascinated me. Not for the reason you might thing. Their situation is fascinating because in internet lesbian content (like videos and pictures) are really loved, but in real life those poor couple are treated like they were sick, when they are not. I have already express my opinions about gay. However women has to be straight and love only one man for the rest of their lives and they must be loyal, faithful and never think with their own brain. Talking about more man and brain.

Freedom for a woman to have a happy sexual as she wants is absolutely impossible. If a woman is involved in a threesome, an orgy or is dating multiple men is a…you know the word. For the society is unexceptable that a woman is really active with men, but a men active with women is a hero. Coherence is not a quality this world possesses. If woman can be sexually frustrated, i think that they are even more frustrated when we think about freedom of speech. How many woman are treated like idiots because a man thinks that a wom an is not so smart? A woman has to shut the mouth and know her role…even if i don’t know exactly what role might be: sexual toy? Housewife? Mother? And you know what? Women prooved, are prooving and will prove us they are good in everything. Maybe they will do differently than a man (for obvious reason), but it doesn’t mean they can’t do something. Between politics, sport, entertainment there tons of prooves that women are good. How much do women need to do to be taken seriously?

Not all the heores wear a mask or a costume.


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