Loneliness: the best teacher

The society we are living in tells us the that being together with other people is cool. Between work, firends, family and sport we always surrounded with people who tells us thing. But it comes a time where the input from the wourl around us is just too much and somehow we lose the direction. Then it’s time to stay alone for a while.

I’m not saying right now that now you have to say goodbye to everyone and live in the desert island, far away for every human being. I’m just saying that we also need to listen to our soul and mind once in a while. People talk and sometimes judge us for what we do and how we do it. The problem is that we can’t just ignore them, because we just don’t want to look rude and very unkind. So, we listen to those voices. Sometimes they give us great advices, but often they say non sense just because they have to look cool, even if they don’t know what’s going on with us. We will come to a certain point that the voices and the opinions are too much and you don’t now what to do anymore, starting to ask yourself stupi question you should NEVER ask yourself. Or the life you live is so stressful and chaotic that you will be overwhelmed by all of it: between work, friends, childres, partner 24 hours are never enough to deal with everything.

Being lonely is absolutely helpful. You will be alone with yourself and yourlsef only. It’s not easy, because we are not used to listen to our mind. We literally can’t: between television, radio, internet and people around you have no chance to take a break and follow your instinct and listen to your very soul. You will realized that your instinct has so much to say. It will be weird, but in the end it will be the best thing you will ever do in your life.

Being lonely is like a mental reset. You can wash away all the bad and toxic thoughts you have in your mind and keep only what you really need for your life. We are like a computer: once the hard disk is full you have to take time to delete evry single useless thing we have saved. And we are full of useless things in mind.

Stay away for a whilem especially from friends, give you the opportunity to see who will stay with you and who is there only because they need you for some reason. I did it as well, now i have no friends. I used to know a lot of people, now i am alone. All of the people i knew were not friends…at all. I washed away all the useless thing in my life and now i’m fine. I’m focus only on myself and i don only what i want. I don’t have to response to anyone and i’m happy.

Everyone of us must have the opportunity to take a break, leave everything for a while and focus on ourselves. But i know that it’s impossible in a world that wants us to act like robots and that will throw us away when we are useless.


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