Protect kids in INTERNET: right or wrong?

The access in internet is now the easiest think you can do. It’s a child’s play. A device and an internet connection are the only thing you need. Talking about kids, my question is the following: is it ok for you that kids can surf in internet? My personal answer is absolutely no. Why?

There are so many reasons why it is wrong. Let’s start by saying that guy shouldn’t be at home all day watching youtube or playing games on a smartphone. Every angle you look at it is wrong. Children need to be with other children and learn to be with other people. It is essential if we do not want to have an adult with relationship problems. It is vital that a young child spends a lot of time running, screaming, laughing and crying with other children. How can children learn about the outside world if they don’t spend time there. Parking their little asses on the sofa giving them a tablet to play with, because you parents are too busy or tired to take care of your kids (that you wanted so much, by the way), that’s not good. However, my dear little stupid parents, little question for you: if you knew you don’t have time for another human being, why try to have one? If I knew that I would not be able to raise a child in the best way, the magic glove is the first thing I use when I sleep with my partner.

But we think parents all over the world are doing a great job with children. Now in 2020 the internet is part of our life. In reality, a world without the Internet is unthinkable. I understand. And because the internet is accessible to everyone, many children spend time on the internet watching videos or playing video games. This is bad for adults who have actually built an Internet business. Because? because if you want to make money on the internet you have to produce something that even a 6 year old can watch. Which means that all people who talk about adult content (not necessarily sex) are excluded from advertising … and we know how important money is to everyone. There’s a reason Patreon or crowdfunding sites are so used today – this is the only way you have to make money, by offering some adult content. Basically, you have to behave like an idiot if you want to survive nowadays. How many youtubers, for example, have changed format or have even given up their work because their product was suddenly unwelcome on Youtube. Or think of Instagram, where people now have to be careful not to show too much skin or the platform will atumatically delete that photo or block your account. No bueno.

I have got nothing against kids. But we need to understand that in internet there are also adult who want to be netertaint with adult content. I almost thirty and watching on my homepage videos made only for kids is annoying. What if i want to watch some splatter content? Or some Mortal Kombat gameplays? It’s harder because i have to search for them or they are even deleted because those content are not “family friendly”. This is huge BS. It’s stupid that youtube or every social media have to think about the kids’s menthal health instead of the parents they should do that kind of job in the first place.

Having a baby is a full time job and if a couple is not in the condition to be there to protect the kids from internet they should not become parent. Internet is not a place for babies. And both digital platform and advertising should not think of kid’s health. Parents should, limiting the access in internet on the devides used by the babies themselves or even turning those devices off. We are limiting our freedom of expression and the opportunity to do what we want, because parents are too lazy to be good parents.


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