Smart Working is the future.

In 2020 i don’t still understand wh we are forces to go to another place to work. I can understand if you are a workman and your garage is somewhere in the city. I get that. But if you work in a office, staying sit in front a computer eigth our daily there’s no reason to left your home. There’s a better solution.

Internet in 2020 is so spread and fast that you can do literally everything. We are able to watch movies in 4K thank to Smart TV, we can play videogames in full HD and we are not able to connect to a server at work and do the work from home? If we wanted we would have the structure to make it possible, but bosses around the world needs to exercise power and control, otherwise it seems they feel useless. It’s pretty sad to think that we are so close to something glorious, but we will never see the last crucial step in direction technology.

Working from home is the ultimate goal for a world like this one. We are moving fast in direction “smart technology”, just think about transport system and smart homes and fornitures, but economy doesn’t want to see all the benefits of let the people do the job from their couch, bed or backyard.

Just imagine the scenario. You work in the Sales Office department and you have to take the orders from costumers both on the phone or via E-Mail. So, the only tools you need are a smartphone and a computer, right? Now, imagine that it’s winter, it’s snowing, freezing and the traffic on the street is awful. Now you have to walk outside and hope to come at work on time. Something that you don’t have to do if you could stay home. If you had the opportunity, you could watch outside the window and decide to cook a hot coffee, open your laptop, sit on your bed, connect with the servers and start to work. No hurry, no stress, no fear. You can enjoy your safest place and do what you paid for. It can be the perfect solution in a pandemic situation…if you know what i mean.

Do you have kids at home? How they doing? I hope well. But it happens that they can get sick. I mean, they are kids. Don’t worry, my dear mom or dad: just call the office and tell that you stay home because kids are sick. You can fell save because you can take care personally of your baby and if something happens you are there. More than that you are not losing any day because you work from home. Perfect. For parent with babies or kids is the perfect solution: they work, they feel safe and they can eventually enjoy the baby. How cool is that.

If we really want to talk about a personal level, working from home is the best medicine ever. And the reason are infinite: no stress due to the traffic jam, the collegues and the boss, you spend time in the best place in the world, no worries about your look and you spare lots of money. And i can continue all day long. It’s perfect. But, of course, all the best possible things in life will often remain on paper. Who know: maybe one day we will that experience and it will be amazing!


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