Future is Pink!

You like it ot not, women one day will take the control of everything. Probably i will not be alive to see that, but one day we will have situation where women will control the world and men will stay home taking care of the house and of the kids. We are seen this evolution right now. Don’t you believe me?

Think about sport. The 2019 women’s world cup was a sensation. For you it’s probably not a big deal, but it is: for the first time in 30 year at least, the world has celebrated that competition and the winning team (the United States women’s national soccer team) had the spotlight on every single team’s member. It’s freaking cool. I don’t want to say that it was as big as the men’s world cup, but we were close. Between social media, internet and television the women’s world cup was a thing in 2019.

The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg was another important step. Everywhere in the world the death of a woman was “celebrated” as the death of a fantastic woman who fought hard and relentlessly for women. 20 years ago hardly anyone would have talked about it, but in 2020 it was a time to remember a woman not for her body, but for what she has done in her life and what she has achieved … I mean, being a member of the supreme court is not something insignificant.

You might think that they arer two moments without any kind of importance, but they are not. This society is changing, fast by the way. In less than 2 decades we have women in power position (even leading a country like Germany for example) who are showing they can do their job amazingly and they have two big balls…bigger for sure than lot of men.

I have the wonderful feeling that this world is starting to take women seriously, something never happen before. Women have opportunity not because they are pretty, but because they are good and, out of records, they are having what they have always deserved: an opportunity and success in their lives. Ad they are not wasting it.

Women in the past have opened the door, the next generation have kept it open and now they are coming in, and men can’t do anything about it. I hope only they don’t need to much to take the control of the house, because it’s a mess: between racism, wars, poverty and violence of every form we need a change. And this change is not possible if men are still in power: how the same men, who messed up the whole thing, can fix all the problem they created? They can’t.

Some fresh air and new ideas are not a bad idea at all. Only God know show much we need new faces and new way to think this world!


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