Influencer: Living Billboard or More?

Instagram is by far the most used and loved social media in the world. With more that one billion profiles in also one of the biggest social media in the world. With so much success it’s pretty normal that people have thought that they could make money with Instagram and the word “influencer” is actually a word everybody know. But are influencer usefull?

Absolutely yes. I want to say even more: they are necessary for the economy. In the 21st Century you cannot think about an advertising campaign without thinking about influencer. The reason are only two in my opinion, but they are huge reasons.

The first is that the way we entertain is changed. Before Youtube and Facebook (so before 2006) we used to watch television and we were informed about new products with advertising in the middle of the show we were used to love and watch. But then Youtube became something big and some users (now called youtubers) started to collect hundreds of thousand of followers and always more teenager or adults started to watch more youtube than television. Then Facebook came, changing completely the way we saw and used internet forever. A virtual community where you can keep contact with people you knew and you could know new ones…all with just a click. Now comes the problem for the company: after 2010, the majority of the people spent more time on Facebook, Youtube and the newborn Instagram then watching television.

So, all the company aroud the world saw the potencial in internet and they didn’t want to lose thier slice of that cake. They had only one thing to do: start to promote themselves in internet. So, Google offer to companies the opportunity to create advertising campaing on Youtube and on Facebook the same company could create their own campaign, setting the target, the duration and the money. However the results were great, but not amazing. Until they realized they could contact the superstar in internet and ask them to collaborate.

This is my point number two. Now on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or Instagram the biggest account have millions of followers. Which means that one person can reach with one content millions of people in the same time or at least in few days. This is something that television can’t offer. If i had a company and i had to promote something, i would call this “digital superstar” and ask them for a collaboration. This is the wisest choice one can do: with few hundred thousand dollar and a dozen of influencer, one can reach hundreds of millions of people WORDLWIDE, because superstar like Selena Gomez, Sara Underwood, The Rock and Diletta Leotta, for example, have followers from different countries. This is a dream for every marketing division: a campaing that costs less and more people in different part of the world are reached. It’s perfect.

You can like influencer or not, you can sa that their succes is empty and they have no talent whatsoever. It’s your opinion, but you have to watch the bigger picture here: for companies those people are essencial. They can have a huge amount of possible costumer, reached in only few days, with a “small” investmet. I would absolutely not be surprised that companies one day will quit completely the television and will invest all the money for marketing on internet.


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