What does a Woman really want? How to know it.

Every single man in this world has problem with the other gender, thinking that men and women are not on the same page, they are too different and one doesn’t really know the other. This is probably the biggest truth ever: it doesn’t matter if you are single or in a relationship, a man will never understand a woman. Well, let me tell you that: this is the biggest BS i have ever heard in my life, because a man can really know what a woman want.

How? … really? Don’t you really know how to know every woman’s secret without superpower like Mel Gibson? I am really disappointed in you. I mean, you use one of the two tools you need for drinking alcool like no tomorrow, eating like a pig and screaming like a Wrestler while you watch sport on TV. Yes, my dear caveman, i’m talking about your mouth.

Use your damn mouth to talk. You use it most of the time for telling stupid jokes and to sound groos, inhappropriate and sometimes disgusting, for once use it for something more productive. Ask her everything you need to know, but please don’t ask her how big her breast is during your first date, because we don’t want to sound like a big jerk, do we? Ask her smart thing like dreams she has, what she like and what doesn’t, what’s important for her in life and in a relationship and go on.

You learn how to speak both at home and at school and for most of your life you have wasted this ability for the most stupid and ridiculous reason like telling lies, insulting and talking non sense. Let me tell you something, my nice guys: we men are amazingly stupid, because we have complicated something so easy: instead of keeping things easy, like they suppose to be, we have invented tactics, theories and useless things that might actually help a man to be successful with women. The funny part is that people in this world have written books about that…books with hundreds of pages. Let me be crystal clear: we have cut down hundreds of trees helping the global warming, with that wood we print books that make us sexual and romantic lives two absolutely nightmares and we buy them finding the stuff inside inspiring, when a man has always had the answer in front of him. Men are stupid…and i am one of them.

I’m joking, of course. Between men and women, things are very complicated, not because women are complicated, but because lots of men have forgotten the use of the brain. This is the second tool. My dear male reader, you can’t look cool in a woman’s eyes if your brain is off or full of garbage like porn, for example (oh, Porn is great, don’t get me wrong, but if you are in a date, better not talk about Kendra Lust’s latest movie). This is the real problem between men and women: ladies use the brain and think, like a normal human being should do, men don’t. For no reason, a man together with a woman turns into a biped being with no working brain. With this condition, i can understand why a man has no idea wha a woman wants: if we don’t use one of the two thing we need properly, even God can’t help you. And i know why women decided to become lesbian…i mean, between an hairy idiot with no brain and a shaved smart being, better the second choice!

Trust me, if next time you use the brain, your first date will be amazing and you will be happy, she will be pleasently surprised and you will meet her again, and again and again…and maybe the bedroom is not so far away after all…!


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