Why are we racist?

Finally black people have started to protest. I mean, you waited really, really, really long, but here you are fighting for rights and equality you don’t have. I’m happy that african-american have decided to do something for their lives, however it find sad that in 2020 people are still struggling to be treated equally. What’s the point of being racist? Why a “superior race” have to treat other races like that?

Lot of people can say ignorance. Yes, maybe. If you don’t know something you might probably start to believe in the wrong thing and in the wrong people, aacting like an idiot because you believe in something you should not. It’s a reason, but i thing that for being racist you must have two reason, just two.

The first reason you should hate someone different is just because that other person is different. Many people don’t like variety and would rather live with other similar people than with strangers. I can understand and we are free to live as we want. So, if you are white and you want to live with other whites, because you don’t like blacks, Muslims, Chinese or Mexicans, you must have the opportunity to do so. In my opinion, the problem is that the government “forces” those people to live with someone they don’t want to live with. And it’s not good if you force someone to do what they don’t want. So, people get angry, they get frustrated and if they work in the police department, for example, frustration and dissatisfaction come to the surface and bad things can happen. I’m not saying it’s okay for whites to do bad things against blacks or muslims, but we need to understand why things like this happen. Maybe there is something we lack to see. Nobody is bad, they turn into it for a reason.

The second reason is fear. If you love the world and its variety, for you human being are all a huge opportunity to grow and you will find fascinating knowing new cultures and how differently other communities can see life, society and the world itself. There are other, however who doesn’t love new thing and they want to keep thing how they are or they don’t want to live with people from all over the world. This is a big problem, because the world is forcing everyone of us to accept the fact that things change and people form other country can come and live next to us. I have no problem whatsover, because i live in another country, but it’s kinda arrogant that governments force every single person to think in the same way about intregration and migration. Every one of us should have the right to decide if other people from other country can come in. In this way a vote might be a solution. A government should not decide for everyone in this specific argument. The best thing would be voting: if the 51% of the country vote “yes, migration is allowed, if the “no” wins, migration is not allowed. Yes, if the “yes” wins, the “no” might not be agree with that, but in this case there’s a vote and in democracy you have to accept what the majority tells.

Racism is complicated. And i think that the problem comes from above. Even in Europe we have problem with basically african people and the point is still the same: some people doesn’t want this africans and the governments are forcing them to shup up and accept the fact that those migrants will be welcome. Radical movements come to life when nobody listens to them. Always. And racism is the same.


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