Feel free to Express yourself

I open this blog for many reason (narcisism and money basically), but one of the most important is that i had a lot of thing to say, but i didn’t have the opportunity to express them because i felt uncomfortable saying my opinion about something in front of other people. I was afraid of other’s reaction and i felt always like my thought were stupid and very useless. Don’t do my mistake.

We have the freedom to tell our opinion and we have to say it. Use this opportunity to start a conversation and learn to be a better human being. I didn’t do it and i am struggling now to be comfortable with others. Even if you have a completely different way to see the world, don’t keep it inside you, but say it. If the people around you are not able to accept, respect and deal with different opinions, you should keep them out of your life. This is not important how the others feel, but how you feel. If you are upset, annoyed or you don’t like something, just let people know about it. Of course don’t forget to be kind and nice while you do it, but be free to express your feelings and thoughts.

Express yourself is even more important if you are here on internet. We live in a controversial situation where we look for something new and unique, but we want to look and act like the other around us. Please don’t copy the community you live with. Be unique, be creative. Just be yourself. You love something and you talk about it 24/7? Just talk about it in your personal digital space. You do something amazing and you want to share with the world? This is exactly what you have to do. In this world we should be free to show who we are and what we love the most. Our uniqueness is priceless and this is what makes us amazing. We should not give our personality up just because we are afraid of the other’s reaction. Just screw them! This is your life and don’t let other people control it.

I know that critics hurt and nobody wants to hear or read bad thing about us and our passion, but out there there are people who will love to listen what you have to say and what you have to offer. Trust me! Maybe you don’t know them because they live away from you. We are 7 billion people on this planet. You will find someone like you. And with technology distance is no more a problem at all. In less time you expect, you will have your own community with people who share your same passion or your same way to see the world.

I thing that it’s better to be happy and maybe don’t understand from the people close to us than sad and be exactly like the other. Better be unique than a copy. Don’t you agree?


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