Inside or outside?

If you are together with a woman you have to decide, what you want to go for: inside or outside? Well, i might be agree with you that outside is the safest way, but i would pick the inside 100%. It’s more risky but give more stisfaction. Oh…i’m not talking about dirty stuff!

Inside and outside is always the question: better to put attention to the look or to the personality? That’s what i am talking about. What’s more important? The way one looks or the who one is. Every single one of us has in own opinion.

My opinion is the following: hard to say. This is the forst question we should find an answer: why are we attracted by someone? Because we see our possible target and we thing that it’s good-looking. Of course it is so…i mean, i can you judge someone’s personality if you have no idea who he or she is? You absolutely can’t. The look is important, more that you might even think.

So, i might understand all those people who think that the way you look is more important than the way you are. This though is very good as long as we talk abot picking up a woman or a man. In that moment the only thing that drives you straight to the one you have on your radar is because you want to see your target naked.

However, you can’t lay down with someone if you don’t talk. Your charme and look might help you a lot but they don’t do the entire job for you…unless you are Chris Hamsworth or Margot Robbie…in that case i am sure you can have all the women or men you want without even saying a single word. But we are not as good as them, you we have to talk. And there’s a huge problem. What if the person in front of you is the hottest and the stupidest person in the entire universe? Would you still want to hang out with him or her?

Well, we have two choices: if you are deseprate, you might act like jerks, still chatting with him or her, then have sex and forget about him or her the day next. You can do that, but don’t be surprised that nobody what to spend time with you anymore. Or you can find a nice excuse to leave. That might save you for a long, long, long long possible date. Once thing is sure however: you can be as beautiful as you want, but if you as beautiful as stupid, well no chance in hell you got to find a nice person!

But the question is still open: inside or outside? The outside is a short-term game. Once the man or the woman turn 50 or 60 you will see lot of thing you don’t want to see or live experience you don’t want to live. Inside, however, it’s a long-term game. Maybe in the beginning he or she’s not the most attractive persone of all time, but he/she posses a wonderful personality and a very smart mind. Once your man or your woman turns 50 or 60, you still can have great time, because personality doesn’t change too much (unless somethin very bad happens).

My strategy is to find a hot woman with an even hotter mind. So, i’m happy in the short-term and once we get old i’m happy in the long-term. However, a woman like this, in my case, is very hard to bee found, so i am still single and i will probably die as single old man!! Hope you will have much more luck than me!


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