Hello, nice to meet you!

It’s always the same story: a man meets a woman (or a woman meets a mane), they started to talk, they change the number and, after few days, one call the other. And here they go dating each other. Sound simple, on paper, reality is different, especially in the days between the change of number and the first call. Why? Because brain are getting crazy.

None of those two people has any idea what to do in the first date. Because they think that everything must be perfect and simple at the same time. And in my personal experience, you can’t have both: either perfect or simple. Useless to say that sometimes first date is cringe, boring, disappointing or a complete failure just because we think too much.

We miss the point. We focus too much on the word “date”, and we barely see the word “first”. Actually because lot of men have only one goal there…and you know what that goal might be. Looking how bad often first date are, we should probably start to pay more attention to the wornd “first”.

First means that before nothing happened. Which means that we have never met that person before. Sound obvious, but it’s not, if people out there have problems. The point is: if we have never met that person before, how can we plan something? We can’t, because we have absolutely no idea who the other person is, what he or she loves, how he or she thinks and Which are her or his hobbies. We just don’t know. For that reason lot of dates are a disaster: planning something basing our thought on nothing is never a great idea. We can try, but it won’t work well.

We don’t know our date. I mean, we don’t know the personality. We know how he or she looks, but we don’t know her or his mind works! So, do what a normal person should do in the first date: talk. And to do that we don’t need something extraordinary. Absolutely not! The quiter, the better. It’s only about you two. Choose a place and something to do where the focus is on the date. Whatever it is, make sure that you have talked and done enough to decide if you want to see him or her again. It’s crucial that after the date you have a picture in mind of you and your date together: if you like the picture, it’s encouraging; if you don’t, let him or her go and find another person.

This is what you should thing in the first date. Sometime an ice-cream, walking through the park in a nice sunny day is way more effective than million of other thing you can do. Low profile and be yourself: that’s what a first date is all about! Try it and tell me if i’m wrong then!

What do you think? Am i right?


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