Take time for yourself

It comes the time where you can do what you are doing anymore. Your brain turns off, your body stops moving and you have no idea what you are doing in your life. You are losing yourself and you have no idea what to do. There’s only one solution:

Take a break. Stop doing what you are doing. The more you do what you do, the more you damage your mind. You have to stop. You have to realized that your body and brant can take a certain amout of pressure and stress. Once you reached that pick, you have to stop. Your body might probably go trhough hell in your life, but it’s very fragile machine. I know that you probably can’t leave the job because you need money to live, because your boss is an idiot and you will not be allower to stay home or maybe you have too much going on that you can’t affort to stay home for long.

They are all good reasons. However, you ca’t afford to get sick permanently, because if you are declaired “unfit to work” everything you have will disappear forever. No money, no future and no more opportunity to grow.

Listen to your body and take care of it. Try to understtand your limit and work on it. Maybe you can improve your limit, but if you can’t just be free to tell that you can do any longer. It belongs to our nature to feel tired or unable to do something. You don’t have to be afraid to show your limits, because we are all human being. Please, be careful with your body. We have only one and if we damage it too much, probably we will not be able to do what we love the most.

Once in a while it’s important to take a break. Just stay home, relax and let your brain chill. Even for only few days. They are crucial to get away from all the “toxic enviroment” you were working into and to maybe have time to reflect and think something different. In my blogging career i will for sure face the situation where i will not be able to write anymore for several reason. That would be the moment where i will stop and take a break.

Everyone must have the opportunity to relax and make something else or absolutely nothing. It’s crucial to fight back all the stress we have in our body and all the toxic thoughts we have in our mind.

It’s true that human body is a great machine, but it’ fragile! Just don’t destroy our home! We will not have a second chance!


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