I am wondering: what can we do to create our own big community? To be more specific, how can we gain followers? This is a question we have always in mind when we start a career in internet as a blogger, as influencer or as streamer. How can we see the number growing like crazy?

I know that we do what we do because we love it. However it a wonderful thing if people all over the world read what we have to say and appreciate our hard work and dedication to be always better. My question today is: is there any recepy to reach the target we want?

I would say yes and no. It depends. And this is the big problem. First thing first, it depend what’s your blog or youtube channel is about, because Videogames, music, fashion and food have a way much bigger community than politics for example. The argument is crucial. However it’s more than that. If you decide to write about food, but you have no idea how to be a good food blogger, you will not have the results you can imagine. Basically you will have no community at all…maybe a lot of people who will tell you to stop and do something else, which bring me to the next ingrediants.

Learn, make your research and be curios. People want to be entertained. If i have to read something boring i will not read it and if you are boring noboy will follow you. Nobody wants waste time. For that reason there must be lot of work behind the scene you have to do betweer reading, talking, asking and discovering just to have a chance to be appreciated. If you stay home and you do nothing, thinking you know everything you need to know, your career will be over pretty soon.

Being informed is not enough anyway. There’s something mybe much more important: talk with your own community. If someone shares a comment you have to reply it and be active; if someone talk to you telling you some adiveces don’t ignore him or her. You can’t ignore comments or discussing with your followers, because if you don’t answer you can be not good person in your followers’ eyes. Be sure to let your followers involved and make sure that they see you as someone they can talk with. Be more involved and spend time to chat with some of them. The better you will look, the bigger your success will be and the more they will be ready to support.

It’s a long term process, you have to invest time, effort, patience but one day you will see the results of it and you will be happy for all the work you have done!


2 thoughts on “+1…welcome!”

    1. Yes, you are right. Those are great opportunities as well! However being involved with your community is slightly more important to have a huge and healthy community. Don’t you think?
      P.S. it would be cool working with you. When you want, just let me know!!!


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