K-Pop Artist: Taeyeon!

I use to listen K-Pop music. I’m not a fans, but appreciate the music made in South Korea. And let me tell you something: it’s way much better than the western music we listen to radio, on youtube or wherever you listen to some music. Nothing against Trap Music, but it’s garbage! Everything happened casually, but it was love at the first sight. And today i would love to celebrate one of the greatest women in K-Pop music ever: Taeyeon.

If you don’t know her at all, she owns one of the most recognizable voices in the entire K-Pop universe: it’s so strong, but at the same time so sweet, cute and lovely. It’s pretty hard even to describe it in words, ypu should listen to it. She’s able to change from very high notes to low tones so effortless that if i only tryed i would lose the ability to use my voce for a week.

Even when she was one of the iconic Girls’ generation’s member, she was one of the voice in every songe that you can easily say “oh, it’s Taeyeon!” Then in 2014 she started her own solo career and well, the debut single “I” is great both as music itself and for the impact that in the K-Pop universe had! It gives you so much good energy! If you close the eyes you can literally fell free to fly wherever you want. That song is something magic.

After that single she put out very much effort in trying different things, different sound and be evolve to be always a better singer and performers. For example, she can actually act like a cute/sad girl or sexy and magnetic maneater or even as a strong woman. In this case the music videos “11:11“, “I Got Love” and “GirlsSpkOut” are perfect example of what i am talking about. The best part is that it doesn’t matter what she’s talking about, the lyrics is complex and really full of meaning. There’s not so much talented singer around in the world today.

What drives me crazy about her is that every time she create a new song you don’t know exactly what to expect, because she can be everything she wants and can sing in hundreds of different ways. Every single song is a pice of art…and every song should be a piece of art! And she’s a great dancer, even if it’s not so a big thing in South Korea, because all the woman in the music business can dance, very well, by the way!

I really advice you to search her song on Youtube, because she really worths to be watched and celebrated as a great and talented artist. Even if she sings in korean, there should not be a problem. You can always read the translations in internet.

Once you will hear her voice, you will fall in love…as i did years ago!


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