Family Love must win!

I love my mom and my dad. I would sacrifice my life for them. And i think they would do the same for me. Even if i’m an adult, my mom and my dad are those two people in the world i will talk with for an advice, support and i will look for in case i need a safe place to be.

It doesn’t matter what, they were, are and will be there for me. And this is the only thing children ask to their parent: be there. It sounds pretty obvious, but in this society nothing is obvious anymore. Around us there are so many people whit bad relationship with their parents. I don’t know how it’s even possible.

Parent must love their kids and they have to protect them, be there for them in every important moment in their lives and they must listen to them when they need someone to talk with. Especially when they are teenager, parents must be there even more, because loosing the path is easy in that age. A kid doesn’t ask too much, just be loved by the two person who tried, only God knows how many times, to have finally the son or the daughter they always wanted to have. As a parents you can’t regret to have had a baby, just because you don’t like the result! It’s cruel, insane and evil.

Yes, in a parent/kids relationship there are ups and downs and sometimes thing doesn’t go as they supposed to go, but it doesn’t mean that parent have to hate the result of their love. I would never EVER be able to hate my son or daughter. How could i? It would be evil as a dad to feel something so bad to someone i should love more than myself. How it’s even possible that hatred can start to grow in parent’s hearts? It’s cruel.

Every time i listen people say that they have a very bad relationship with their parent i would want to cry. it’s so sad and hurtful. It doesn’t matter what might happen and how bad kids and parent might fight, love has to win. If the love in a family is something we put in doubt, i don’t even know why are we here. We talk about real love in a realtionship, but how can we reach it if we are even able to hate the two most important person in this world.

I’m sad. Especially thinking how much parents go trough and how much sacrifice they must do just to make us happy and give us an opportunity to live a better life they have had. Only thinking about it, how can you even start to feel bad about two people who might literally die for you it that means to give you another day to live.

As son, i love my parents, And they have never missed an opportunity to show how big their love for me is. I’m happy for it and i will never enough greatful for having to parent who try their best to give me a better life!


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