Once you start to have a stable relationship, what happens in the bedroom is always one of the most important thing to take care of, becaus the better the adult entertainment, the better is the relationship. However, there couple who struggle to have some good adult fun. But how can we all deliver good performances? Because everybody can.

The best fornication you can possibly have doesn’t start when you take your clothes off. Absolutely not. And it’s not even start with the foreplays. Great “love making” starts when your clothes are still on. In my humble opinion, the best intimacy start with the talking and pulling out all of your dirty and embrarrasing secrets. No, i didn’t mean the dirty talk, but a conversation between you and your partner.

In my life i have few rules. Once of those rules is that you can’t do something good if you don’t know the theory. Copulation is not something different, because you must know what you are doing with your partner’s body. And it’s not so easy if you have no idea how to use your hand, mouth and tongue. This is why i tell you that talking is the only way you have for some good quality time in your bedroom.

When i say “talking with your partner” i mean just ask the desires, somehing to try, fears and something like that. If you don’t ask, you will never know. If you ask, you will probably know that your partner doesn’t like certain thing, that he or she wants to try others and about all the fantasies he or she always kept hidden in the mind. It might be boring and long but it the first step to do something good.

Actually even in sex you have to talk. Not too much, of course, but you have to tell your partner if you are feeling good or not, if he or she has to change how he or she’s doing what he pr she’s doing and to stop him or her in in case you are both doing some hardcore game.

One last very important thing. Just use every opportunity to tell your partner where to improve and help with the improvement. Don’t take everything inside because you don’t want to be the bad person. If you really care of someone or something you have to tell and find a solution. If your partner is smart, he or she will understand and he or she will try everything to be better!

You must talk and use your mouth not only to kiss and do other very, very, very dirty stuff. Because sex is all about knowing your partner’s body, desires and fantasies. If you don’t know them, sex is absolutely useless and maybe even self-defeating, because lot of us think that sex in a relationship is essencial, sometimes the only thing that matter and if sex is not very-well done, you will be in big trouble.

One question more than less will save your life and your reputation. Trust me!


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