My Blog’s Weekly Report #1: What a weird Week!

When i decided to open this blog i always have in mind you, my dear followers. I think that keeping my community updated is important as much as giving them always good stuff to read. For that reason i decided to created this weekly report where i talk about what happened in the last 7 days. And talking about this very first week…

it was a very weird week. I still don’t know how to feel about that. I created “A funny Space” On October 3rd, 2020 and when you open something you start from zero: zero comments, likes, followers and views. Whit this in mind i started to write my thing, knowing that i would have written only for myself. I like writing, so there was not a big deal. However something happened: after five minutes that i published my very first post, some people have started to leave likes and follow my blog. I was very surprised. I didn’t expected so much positive feedback in so short amount of time.

From Saturday to Monday i was full of notification. Before to go to bed oon Monday night i had 75 likes, almost one hundreds views, comments and 25 followers. It was amazing. I thought that if the trend was that big, i could quit my job sooner than i expected. I was wrong.

Then the situation became weird. From Tuesday until Friday i struggle A LOT to get likes and views. I still don’t know what’s going on! I don’t know if WordPress decided to cut me out form the feedback, if i have written something bad or i picked the wrong time to publish my content. I don’t even know if the first three days were truthful and the rest of the week a bug of WordPress or vice versa.

The only thing i have to do not to figure it out the problem is just keep doing my thing and see what happens in the next weeks. However is quite bizzare to see so much in the very beginning and so less in the rest of the days. However, i was able to reach more than 100 likes and thirty followers in the end of week 1. I can say that i am happy with the results. If might be way better, but it might be also worse. It’s a good start and i am encouraged to keep doimg my thing.

We’ll see what’s gonna be nest week!! Thank you for reading and not letting me alone here!! I remember to follow my blog, if you want to stay tuned and leave a commenti if you like what you read!! Thank you!


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