Endless Love: how to have that!

It happens sometimes that, when i walk around, i see old couple holding hands, kissing and being happy. Sometimes are even 70 or 80 years old people that they are still there together, loving each other like it was the first day. When i see that my heart melt lilke snow under the sun and i ask myself if today something like that can still be possible. Can we love someone unilt the end?

Im my heart i really hope so. In truth i don’t know. The reason why couples last 50 or even 60 years old together is that the they don’t throw away something broken, replacing it with something new, but they try as much as they can to fix it and let it work again. They have this mentality that everything can be fixed and even the hardest storm passes, sooner or later. I saw my parents and my grandparents: even if they fight or they have their issues they will be there for the other if something bad happens. They see a repationship as a huge deal and to break it something insanely bad must happens.

I just don’t see this kind of committment and effort around me. Couple today get together, they have a baby and then they break up. It’s like “endless love, until it lasts”. Love and a healthy relationship doesn’t work like that. You can’t leave someone because there’s a moment where you are both not in a good shape or you have a bad fight. If you really love your partner you just don’t give up so easily. Which menas that one ends up with someone, promising endless love, when in truth the only love this person felt is only the one between the legs.

I think that if you love someone there’s no way you can end up breaking up just like that. Love is something so powerful and so big that doesn’t allow you to stay away from that person for so long. At least it’s what i think love is…but it seems that the world has a different way to see this magnificent and powerful feeling.

We complicate something so easy. Love is not an hard thing to do. Once you fall in love with someone, all the complicated stuff like complicity, patience, affect, appreciation, loyalty, trust, effort, honesty, openess, spending time together and physical attraction come from alone and you don’t have to work hard to have this quality. If you really love someone it will come so naturally and it will last until your very last day.

We are not ready to fell the real power of love. If we think it’s hard to do what it takes to love someone, we don’t deserve a person next to us for the rest of our lives.


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