I’M in LOVE WITH Tiffany young!!

Oh my God that woman, that voice, that cuteness and that beauty! There are really few famous woman i have a crush on, and she’s definitely on my top three. So talented, so cute and so amazing. You are wondering why i am in love wiht her and who the hell is she? Let me explain.

Tiffany Young is a K-Pop singer. Together with Taeyeon, she’s probably the best voice you can hear when you listen to some good music. She doesn’t have the most recognizable voice of all time, i know that, but i am sure she can bring back someone dead from the afterlife if she wanted to. I mean, that voice is so powerful that sometimes i don’t actually understand how a so powerful voice can be inside a so tiny little body. She’s not a screamer when she performs, but the tone she use the power and the passion she put inside a song is something you don’t hear very often. And her smile is priceless! Guys, that smile s something unique. It’s not just a smile, it’s a motivation to live and be happy. My heart can’t just resist at so much cuteness in only one woman.

Talkign about her career, she started with the Girls’ Generation back in 2006 at a very early age (like happens often in South Korea) and since than she was one of the most powerful voices and talented singer in South Korea, Japan and also recently in America. What i love the most of her is that she’s very expressive: in every song you can feel what she wants to transmit as emotion and she’s not one of those singers who sings just because they have to. Then, in 2012, toghether with Taeyeon and Seohyun, build a sub-group, the so called TTS and i thing that this sub-group was the very break-through point, because she had more time to perform and to proove that she deserved an opportunity as a solo singer. The song actually are amazing: between Twinkle, Holler and Dear Santa they really had potencial (and they look stunning in every single music video by the way). Oh, if you really wnat to know how talented those three really are, i leave you a “take-one-video” where they sing a christmas song…you are welcome!

And that more time was enough to make happened exactly what happened: in 2016 she published her single debut “I Just wanna dance” a really good song, in my opinion. However that song doesn’t sound like a K-Pop kinda song, but more like an america pop song we are used to listen to the radio. In fact that song wasn’t as successful as the first Taeyeon’s song.

Then in 2018 she didn’t sign a new contract with the SM Town (the company who owns the Girls’ Generation basically) and she were free to start a new career in America. This Tiffany 2.0, however, was way much different that the one in South Korea: same voice, same persona, but she is more passionate, more free to try different direction and to say what she wanted to say. In her new chapter in America she published different songs (like Lips on Lips, Teach You, Magnetic Moon, Run For Your Life and Over my Skin), completely in english, and she travelled all over the United Stated, thank to the “Magnetic Moon Tour”, Then nothing more. She’s disappeared as a singer. I have actually no idea if she will sing again and it’s a pity, because she a wonderful voice.

We’ll see. I leave you a playlist where you can hear all of her song. Trust me, you are not gonna regret that!


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