What it means to HAVE a sibling!

I have the luck to have a sister, a older sister by the way. And you have no idea how amazing it is. But let’s start from the very beginning.

I am an idiot and you have probably aldready understood. The problem is that i am an idiot even when my computer is off. Now the situation is improving, but when i was a teenager i was a total shit person, because i could’nt see the treasure i have: a older sister.

My sister and i have never had a wonderful relationship from the very beginning. To be honest, i thing that we didn’t have a relationship at all. I didn’t hate her, i just didn’t understand her. As i said she’s older than me…6 years older than me. And that was a problem, because when she was 16, i was only 10 and when i was 16 she was 23. Basically we were at the wrong place at the wrong time, because when she needed someone to talk with, i was too young and when i wanted to talk she was too old im my eyes. More than that i hated when she showed my her affection for me…and only God knows how bad i fell right now only thinking how bad i treated her sometimes. She didn’t deserved that because she only wanted my happpines, but i was too stupid to understand that. So, we have never be able to connect. Yes, we sometimes had good moment, but we have had even bad once…all of bad ones only because of me.

Then everything changes in September 2013. Since that moment we were forced to live together without parents around. And let me tell you: that was my salvation. For the first time i was really able to connect with my sister for real. We were able to speak, share and laugh like never before. And i think the reason was because i was an adult myself: i was 21 and i could really understand another adult for real. Finally i was starting to know my sister for real! It’s insane how many things you can learn from an older sister. It’s insane. More that that i was finally able to talk with a woman, which means that i was starting to learn a lot about the other half of the humanity. The more i was getting closer to my sister, the more i realised how lucky i really was and still am.

i realised how much she cared and still cares of me. She’s always there when i need to talk, when i just want someone to hug, when i am down and when i need a support. No matter what, she is always ready to help me. She really loves me, And you hve no idea how much she’s worried when something bad happens to me. Having a older sister is like having a second mom and i could not be more proud and happy for her. I would literally die to save her and i would everything in my power to make her happy and feel amazing. Now she’s got her life, i got mine and we are on two different paths, but when one need the other, we will be ready!

Luckly for me, it was not too late and i had a second chance to make thing right. I’m still working on that, but now i can say that i have never been so happy to ha sister, an old sister!!

God bless her.

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