Why nude material is so unwanted?

You think that it’s not true, because you might say that a big part of internet is made by those content and even more hardcore material. But i am not talikng about internet, but social media, advertsing and television. Why everywhere i look a person with no dress on is not accepted?

Nude is a natural thing. Nothing to be afrai or ashamed of. We doesn’t born with clothes on…and i’m 100% sure that our parents didn’t wear any clothes when they decided to have us. More than that, we aare naked when we have a shower/bath, when we change clothes and when we are in the sauna. Why a human body is not something we want to see?

If you think about it, it’s weird. This society is telling us to accept and love ourselves and when some of us do exactly that, getting naked publicly on social media for example, the same society is shocked and try to cover that person, not allowing that person to publish that content. It’s hard to understand. And the reason is always funny: the world has to protect the weakest….from a person who is naked. It notorious that naked people are dangerous.

I actually don’t see anything wrong in a naked body. I am a man an i have the same body of other 3 billion other men around the world and the same is for a woman. It may change size, form and colour but it doesn’t change the fact that a man hag got one penis and a woman two boobies and a vagina. I have never see a man with two penis or a woman with two vaginas.

The funny part is that altought being naked on social media and television is a taboo, advertising often use naked body or sexuality to promote thier products. So, let me be clear: a woman who wants to show her body is bad, but an andvertising with an half naked woman is not a problem. What’s the difference? We are still talking of too much skin exposed. I just don’t get it.

The funny thing about nude is Instagram. As you probably know, the most famous social media doesn’t allow the user to be naked. However you can do that if you cover your intimate parts. A perfect example is Playboy: this company publishes nude female body and they have no problem with instagram, despite the hard rules about nude, because they cover ONLY the nipple and they have sure that the reproductive female organ is not visible. We are in 2020 but we are still live in the 50s.

Since when nipples are a problem? Every single one of us have eaten from there and we have seen nipples when we sleep with another man or woman. What’s the big deal with it? it’s nonsense. And the same is for a penis. C’mon, people: is it really a penis so horrible? Really? I don’t want to sound gross, but we know that often penis is something women and men are looking for.

We can be free to be ans show who we are, but until a certain point. More is not allowed and you will be deleted! Sad.


7 thoughts on “Why nude material is so unwanted?”

    1. Well, about pornography i didn’t write anything, because it might be a little controversial and it wasn’t the point in this post. However, pornography is not just two or more people doing naughty thing on camera, but it a couple of more things: first, it’s a way for a woman and a man to decide what to do with their body (autodertimation is always a weak spot in this world), it’s a business (for women really lucrative business) and third it’s something that we used to do in private and we should not be concerned if we see people do the same thing we do at home in internet. You can like it or not, it’s fine, but it’s not ugly, in my opinion: it’s just a different way to entertain ourselves. Maybe i should right something about it in the future. That would be interesting!

      Thanks for your comment, i appreaciate.

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      1. Yes, realise it wasn’t the point of the post but although controversial, it’s expanding on people’s perceptions of nudity. Some believe that the naked body depicts pornography and even in art, people find it offensive. And, like you, I don’t agree.

        Everyone has their own interpretation of the naked body, which depends on their beliefs and how they were conditioned from birth.


      2. Lots of people don’t understand that pornography and art are two different things: art are is an expression of feeling is a specifi moment in time, pornography is a business. Talking about art and nudity i have my ideas: as long as fake it’s good, once nudity becomes real it’s no bueno. This is an example: if one paints a naked woman (like Michelangelo often did), it’s expression of felling, a masterpice and something to preserve; the same woman in a photo is offensive. It’s a stupid way to think, but we have to respect that!

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