Hyoyeon, the dancing queen!

I talked about Jessica Jung, Kim Taeyeon and Tiffany Young, i couldn’t let Hyoyeon out of my blog. I just can’t. She’s something special and there’s really a huge difference between her period with the Girls’ Generation and her solo career. They are quite two different person.

Let’s start saying that in the Girls’ Generation wasn’t the most famous one. She was good, absolutely, but there were other girls the people were interest to.

But then the entire situation changed when she started her solo career. Now we have lot to discuss. She’s a badass on stage. Forget all the cutie thing she showed in the past, she looks cool and fresh when she’s alone. And you can see that since the very first song: Mystery. I was surprised because she looks like another person, but i was really happy for her, because she could finally show her very soul and personality. That video is so cool that i watched at least ten times. And it was only the beginning. The second song “Wannabe” was actually a prove that there are more than “50 shade of Hyoyeon”…in this case was the hip/Hop shade, because the girl can rap and she sound credible when she does that. This is the 50% of what i expect from her: great dance and captivating lines on a cool base.

The other 50% of what i expect from her is her dance/electronic shade comes to the surface. Like all the rappers, she also have a “alter-Ego”: if she’s rapping or singing is Hyoyeon, but when she produces an electronic track she’s “Hyo”! And as “Hyo” she’s done a hell of a job, personally. between “Sober“, “Badster” and “Dessert” i can’t actually choose which song is the best. “Sober” is a really chill music, “Badster” is actually all super powerful electronic sound you can play in the club and “Dessert” a modern Hip/Hop song with a great Hip/Hop music video. All those three songs are prooving that Hyoyeon can be and do everything she wants, like a cameleon.

Together with her singer career, she’s also a Dj, who is used to do DJ Set, especially in Asia, like Skrillex or David Guetta do here in Europe and United States. She basically remixes all of her songs, creating a typical “house/dance sound” to make all the fans dance like crazy!!

Oh, and she can dance. Hell yeah if she can dance! In South Korea is known also as the “dancing queen”. And you can arguing that. She moves like only few people are really able to move and she performs amazingly. If i only tried to do what she does best, i would be in the emergency room five seconds later. Just watch this two munites video, then tell me if she’s not capable of dancing.

And the most amazing thing is that she looks cute and nice. If you see her instagram account she’s not bossy or ghetto at all, Absolutely not: It’s like Dr. Jackhill and Mr.Hide: on stage, on videos she’s the boss, outside she’s a classic “girl-next-door”. Absolutely stunning!

Sometimes, watching outside the box helps us to discover so many amazing people!!


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