Money instead of quality

I really believe that. I’m not here to tell that “Products from before was better and now today is all bad” first because i am too young and second it not true. Today products are better than 50 years ago, for example. However, it’s really stupid that we use money and sing of quality.

Everywhere i read there are those stupid and nonsense headlines that really makes me laugh. Think about Hollywood. In recent years, Dwayne Johnson is everywhere and he took part to a lot of huge Blockbuster like “Fast and Furios”. The funny part in that is that magazine sometimes wrote about the fact that The Rock was in another movie using the following definition: the highest payd superstar in Hollywood. Not the most talented, but the highest paid. What does that even mean? let me explain: the more you are paid, the better you are. Which means that The Rock is a great actor, because he makes lot of money. I mean, he’s charismatic, charming, a great businessman, we all know that, but he is not exactly the best actor in the world, if you know what i mean. He knows how to be on camera, thanks to his experience in WWE, but between Ballers, The Scorpion King, Fast and Furios’ movies and Central Intelligence the performances were not actually amazing.

Or think about NBA. LeBron James is, i think, the highest paid superstar in NBA (it would be stupid if it were’nt) and if it’s really like that, he should be the best player in the NBA, capable of winning NBA title alone. Well, how many years has he been playing? How many NBA title did he win? I’m not saying that he’s not great, because he’s great (like all the other player in the NBA), but just because he’s the “richest” he’s not THE BEST OF ALL.

Really often i see people saying that “oh, he’s paid a lot, that person or that product must be very good”. Well, it’s not. Not always the most expencive thing are the best. How many thime have you bouth something expencive and it broke after a couple of months? And the stupid cheap thing you have forgotten somewhere years ago? I am sure it’s still there, watching at you in the night, waiting for your death to celebrate.

It’s really funny to see that now the quality itself is now measuers only by how much does this thing costs. It’s doesnt matter how many time you need, how many people or hom much knowledge behind must be there to manifacture something ro do a certain service. It’s all about money. This is really bad, because now you can do something, even low quality, you say some kind of made-up story and you can sell it to hundreds or even thousand of dollars. It’s even bad because now all the company produces really low quality and they sell that product a lot of money, for more that it should be sold. As long as we talk about music, movies i might be cool, because there’s no bad consequences…only my mind, eyes and ears bleeding because they watched or listened to something bad. But when we talk about airplanes, car, medicine and food it’s really bad, because it’s about our life we are taling about.

We should once and for all stop to use money to judge a quality of a product, but start to see the work and the datat behind that product. we’ll see that product we buy will be so much better!


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