Pregnancy: a bless from above!

I don’t know if miraacle exists, but pregnancy is probably the closest thing to it. It’s amazing that from something so small, two cells, a human being can born and it’s also even more amazing how a female body and mind are able to handle all of it.

I have a huge respect for women. I really think that women should lead the world and teach to all the men how to live in a good society. Why do i think that? Because they are better. Think about pregnancy and all the sacrifice a woman should do and all the pain she has to manage, suffer and go trough to make sure that another life grows healthy and comes to the world safe. Only a woman can manage something so complex.

You know what drive me crazy? It’incredible that to make that pregnancy possible it’s all fun and swaety moves, but the rest of the nine months may be painful, especially the labor where that poor woman has to push hard, it doesn’t matter how pain you feel. It’s so unfair, but it’s a perfect metaphore for a woman’s life: pain, sacrifice and hard work to get to the results.

Sometimes being a woman is bad, but during the pregnancy is probably the best moment in the entire life. I mean, feeling a little and living creature, your baby, moving in you has to be one of a kind experience for every single woman in the world. Yes, during this nine months in your mind too much thoughts will going on and maybe the sleepless night might become something usual, but after the birth, when you have that perfection in your arms with those little eyes closed, searching for his/her mom is a priceless momen. I am sure.

If a woman decided to become a mom, the entire society has to support, protect and give her all the necessary help to make sure that the baby is healthy and safe. God bless woman, the real deal in this universe!

I think that for a couple is by far the best moment of all. Knowing that in few month time a two person become parents might be something you can’t put in words. I think that your entire world is gonna change forever, your brain in those moments can’t actually think straight for the happiness and you are absolutely freak out. Yes, it’s all good, but you have no idea what and how to play the role of a parents! But in the same time you can’t wait to hug that little, cute and absolutely perfect baby that you will have the honour to call son or daughter. I am sure the moment where that little, pure and innocent creature squeeze your finger as searching for protection is the cutest thing you can ever witness.

I am 1000 % sure: pregnancy is something that we have to protect, a mother-to-be is a person we have to celebrate and a Family, no matter which kind, is something we have to support to make sure the baby can become a good adult in the future.


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