Sara Underwood: an icon of modern woman.

I was actually not sure writing this post, not because i had no idea what to write, but because the woman i am going to talk about might be pretty controversial. Now, my quesion is: do you know Sara Underwoon? Well, take a sit and five minute to read. Let’s see what happens.

Let’s start from the very beginning. Sara Underwood is both the Playmate of the Month July 2006 and the Playmate of the Year 2007. Little personal thought: between 2006 and 2010 Playboy was on fire with so many great model. Let’s move on. I know that now you are saying “Ok, another woman who got famous with her body! What a news!” Well, my dear reader, it should be a great news. I will tell you why a little bit later!

After Playboy she decided to put some clothes on in public and she take part to a couple of movies and she was a host for a couple of shows. But, this is not the point right now.

With this post i want to focus my attention on her business in recent years, especiall her Instagram account. As a man, i tell you that there’s really good pictures and, more important right now, she’s almost naked…or at least she wear less clothes o in a lot of picture. On instagram is actuall something usual too see a wonderful woman in sexy poses, but with her is something different: she’s one of the very few personalities that is following the thought: my body, my choice and shut up, people! Other women are also almost naked, but they do thier thing without even reply to all the haters, but not Ms. Underwood, looking how often she fight with random morons.

In her instagram there are so many haters who insult her every single time she posted something and she replies to all of them. Oh, and she actually destroys them, proving every time that she’s also smart, because in internet there’s this equation: sexy woman=stupid woman. When, in truth, all those “stupid woman” are problably the strongest ones, because they have to fight against all of those stupid people around the world that are disappointed to see a naked woman on Instagram, but then those same people have a Pornhun Premiun subscription.

Despite what people think, she is also very active for the community, supporting campaign for the protection of women, for women’s right, for the environment and politics, proving that she’s engaged for other people, she knows the world around her, what she’s talking about and she’s not only a wonderful body, a big butt and a big breast. With that body and sexy picute, she create a community with million of follwers and she’s using all those people to earn money first and to change all the wrong thing in the society. Not bad!

I also appreciate her because she didn’t regret what she’s done in the past. At least she’s never regret what she’s done publicly. Her big success was playboy and on that magazine a woman is pretty much naked ans she realised that she could do something good for her with her body. And she’s doing great: between Patreon, OnlyFans and only God knows what else, she created her own business and looking how many subscribers she gained, she’s doing abolsutley fine. Oh, and she’s great with her hands…looking how good she was while biulding her CabinLand.

I really appreciate her strong will and her dedication. Actually i love when women shows thie strong wills and dedication. I am pretty sure that if i talked with her, i would learn so many thing that, in the end, i would ask her to be my master Jedy!


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