The wonderful Jessica Jung

Jessica jung is hard do put in the right spot, because she’s absolutely a tremndous woman: she’s a singer, an businesswoman a vlogger and an influencer. She’s really talented and she deserves to be celebrted. But just let talk about her more specifically.

Let’s start from her singer career. She was, like Tiffany and Taeyeon, one of the Girs’ Generation member, one of the most charismatic by the way. Huge success for her during the years with between 2006 and 2013. Those seven years were insane for her: success after success, lots of money, lots of followers and record after record. However something happened that nobody saw that coming: out of nowhere she left the group and the SMTown. I remember that moment as shock for the fans and the korean media flipped out. For days people were so busy to find a reason why something so bad happened. Officially Jessica’s reason was that she wanted to focus her effort on her fashion career and other stuff, but looking the bad blood between her and all the other members I’m sure there’s more…but we will never know that.

Leaving the Girl’s Generation, Jessica have had more time to do lot of more things. First she founded her fashion Brand “Blanc and Eclear” where she designed and sell very good stuff. She published a couple of songs with the Coridel Entertainment and she opened a YouTube channel where she uploads vlog once in a while. Oh and she’s an influencer, being very active on instagram with a wonderful profile with millions of followers.

I like her. I really do and rhe reason are a lot. Let’s say that i actually love women who shows mind instead body, although I have nothing against nude female body in internet, but I am more attracted to those who shares her talent and mind instead nipples. And Jessica Jung is a perfect example: she puts her mind, talent and personality first. More than that she’s so elegant, classy and lovely that it’s impossible not to fall in love with her. It a little bit sad that she’s not singing so often because her voice is somethin unique: it’s not powerful or expressive, but it’s cute, sweet and very charming. With that talent she could be a really great superstar in the music business, but she decided to follow other paths.

Oh, she’s also a writer. In 2020 she published her own autobioghaphy “Shine” and probably it’s one of the most interesting biography you can by. Even if she’s just 30 she lived two lives and so many experience that that book might be really inspiring!

My wish, of course, is to see her singing again, but i think that will remain a dream, and to meet her, just to have a little chat! That would be awesome!


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