For some reason, you are crazy enough to decided to open a blog. In five minutes it’s all set and done and you are ready to share with the internet what you want to say. You publish the first, the second, the third and the fourth post. However you still struggle to have the traffic you planned. What’s the problem?

We often make the mistake to think that we only are the problem. Well, not entirely: only 50% of your failure can be related of your content, the other half of the blame is somewhere else. I will right in another post how to write good content, but not today. Today i want to analyse with you the other 50% of the reasons why you are stll with no follower, like, comments and visits. There’s basically an emotional reason and a logistic one. Let’s start with the logistical one.

If you are new, you are in the bottom of everything. I thing that even the search engines barely know that you even exist. And the same happens in a community: nobody knows you are there. Yes, you can post often and take care of your blog, but you are still at base one, because nobody is aware of your existante. You have to do only one thing: follow, comment and leave likes to other’s content. In this way not only the social platform knows that you are someome and they start to see that you are engaged, but also it’s like saying “hello, i’m here!” without even say a word. Maybe nothing happens, but maybe that profiile you started to follow will follow you back. The more like and comment you will left the higher the opportunity to be seen and followed. It’s not something instant, it’s actually a long term strategy, but it pays off. However, don’t be stupid with comment like “would you follow me back?”. It’s so unkind: that person have probably spent days or weeks to post that content and you leave a SPAM comment? it’s so demotivating for the creator and, mopre than that, you will be insulted. As content creator, when we post somenthin we want good interactions, not stupid comment.

Then, there’s an emotional reason. The more you comment to someome, or the more you are engaged to support that person, the easier is for you that the one you are following find out that you are there and, if he or she likes what you publish, they might follow you or leave you a comment. Now, it might not a big deal, but thing about if someone like Cristiano Ronaldo suddendly finds out that you are so active and starts to leave likes on your content every once in a while. You have no idea how much that simple like or comment will effect your digital space or profile. Now i’ve taken as example a huge personality, but actually can really happen. And it’s not so strange: i connect with those who shows me they like what i do, not with those who approach my content once a year.

However, this strategy works only on two conditions: the one you follow must have a big traffic and it must be active with the fans. In this way you can stay on the top of the notification list for longer and if he or she reacts to your content, the fans will be maybe curios to know who you are. Trust me, it works!

You have to improve your skill and find something cool to write about every sngle time you have to publish, but also you have to invest time with the interaction. A like here, a comment there and a follow over there and in few months your blog will grow like you have always imagined.


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