I’m a blogger myself and I have this problem over and over again. Every single time i write something, lot of question magically appear in my brain like “it is interesting?”, “is it something i would read?” and “will people understand my message?” .It’s frustrating and excited at the same time. So, i’m here to help you to do thing in the right way. Let’s start!

My philosophy when i write is always the same: be yourself. It sound like a stupid and useless motivational thought, but it’s not. Actually the more you put yourself and your personality in the post you are writing, the more success that post might get. The reason is simple: what you write, some other guy have written before you. So, how can you beat the competition? Offering the only they don’t have: yourself.

Now the question is “how can i put my personality in my post?” That’s the tricky part. It’s not so hard, but i can be the hardest thing of all. It depends of what goal you have in mind: if the money is the goal, being origina it’s hard; If you are a blogger only because you want to share, it’s easy. Why this difference? Money means you have to offer what the people want and the best way to do it is doing exactly what it’s done from others. Copying is the way for money and if you copy there’s no place for something new, because you can’t afford any wrong move. Trying is not an option, you can adapt the format you are copying to your idea, but nothing more than that!

If the passion is what moves you, you can test new ideas, try different ways and spend all the time you want to find the way to be yourself. No pressure that you might not earn what you supposed to and no stress at all. In this condition, your personality can come up to the surface, because you have nothing to lose and nothing to sacrifice: if you will do well, it’s good for you; if you fail, there’s no problem at all. Let me tell you something right here: if you choose the path of the passion and people will follow for that reason, your job is done, because your personality is there, people like you and money can finally be earned.

Other important factor is the ability to write. More specifically you must be good in sharing thought in a logical anc comprehensive way. Remember that you have to do with people and they don’t wanna destroy thier brain just to understand what you want to say, because you have written your post in a very poor way. It’s not good for you and not good for those who should be amaze by you but instead they are tired of you already. The problem here is that you have to learn how to write in a good and original way. This is not something that happen in few minutes, but maybe you will need months of practice, learning from the best, hard work and dedication. Or you have a huge talent and then the only thing you have to do is work on it and amaze the entire universe. But not everyone is talented from the very beginning.

I really hope to have helped you. However being yourself if not so easy, because sooner or later the temptation of copying or gaining more followers is always there and those enemies will do everything in their power to attract you. Be focus, learn and work hard and everything will be alright!


2 thoughts on “How to WRITE a GOOD POST!”

  1. I think the blog need to be a reflection of the blogger…most of the time is difficult to find the words, is difficult to express what we want but as long as we enjoy what we’re doing we are on the right way 😉


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