It’s Ok Not To Be Ok!

If you are wondering if i used those two talented, famous and wonderful women jus tfor a clickbating strategy, well…i don’t! There’s a reason why i used Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato as cover. And the reason is that they have shown their human sides, trying to help other people.

Perfection. Every single one of us must be perfect: perfect haircut, perfect skin and perfect outfit are things we are always trying to reach. The more you look perfect, the more you will have an opportunity to have success, because the other will appreciate the perfection.

The more i read what i just wrote, the harder is to find a sense, because, honestly, i have no idea what this people are talking about, Perfection doesn’t exist at all. At least a common sense of perfection doesn’t exist. We all have our own idea of perfection and i am sure that your idea doesn’t coincide with someone else’s. What for me is perfection, for the one next to me is maybe something disgusting.

However, the world still forces us to think that perfection is one and it’s valid for everybody. For a woman is, for example, being skinny, tall, shaved and in shape; men must be muscolar, tall, shaved, well dressed, perfect skin and sexy. If you don’t possess one of those qualities you are rejected and nobody wants to spend time with you. So, you start to delete your personality to be good enough to be accepted again, but you can delete your personality and here you are starting to fight with all this menthal issues that we would not have to fight against if we didn’t listen to other. But it’s impossible, because people talk too much, they don’t shut up and they don’t have any kind of respect and emphatiy for the other.

The same happens when you are famous and there it’s pretty dangerous. And it’s even dangerous when you are under the spotlight in the very young age. This is why i choose Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato as cover for this post. Miss Gomez in the recent past she shared with all the world that she had menthal issues. In interviews she said that “high are very high, and lows are very lows”, which means that even a superstar like her can struggle (she’s a human being like you and me, but we often forget about it) and i am pretty sure that all the pressure, the stress and the expectation people have during her teenage were a too heavy burden to keep on your shoulder alone. She must look perfect always, and she ended up visiting doctors. It’s not her fault, it’s this world’s. The same happen to Demi Lovato. About her there’s nothing much to say, because she told everything in her Documentary. If you watch it, i really recommend to do that, she’s actually telling us that to be perfect you have to literally destroy yourself and live hell. Do you think that it’s an healthy way to live? I don’t think so. Luckyl for her, she now looks better and i really wish her all the best, but it was a pretty rough journey!

For that reason i don’t like people, most of them at least. They think to know what’s good for you basing their thoughts on something wrong and absolutely stupid. Perfection doesn’t exist and we should jus start to find a way to reach our perfection. Only there, happiness can be reached!


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