My Body, My Choice!

Reanding this post you will probably realised how i’m happy that women are starting to fell free to do what they want and how much i think that world is colouring in pink. However i see problems when we talk about woman’s body. Women are doign everything they can to change the mentality, but it’s really hard.

The big problem is that the world is living in the past, even if the future is knocking on the door. Yes, we see women having success, money and sometimes power, but the society has to control how they use their body. And i am not talking about getting naked on internet, but something bigger. There are so many little thing that make woman’s life bad.

Just think about depilation. It sound stupid, but women has to have a perfec skin with no hair at all if they want to be accepted. And the problem comes from everywhere: if a woman doesn’t shaved their entire body, man are not attracted and disgusted and women start saying really bad thing about that woman that doesn’t do nothing but being free to decide. For a man, body hair are ok, for a woman absolutely not. You can say that woman with body is awful, and i might be gree with you, but we can’t force all the ladies to depilate because people might get upset for a couple of hair more. We should give to everyone the opportunity to decide whether to do something or not. I we asked to every woman “would you shaved willingly?” i am sure that lot of woman would say absolutely not!

Clothes is another perfect example. For a woman, too much skin means she’s a prostitute and a man automatically thinks that he has all the right to sexually assault here (simply inhuman, let me tell that) and too less skin means that woman is a virgin, a no-go or someone boring. No matter how a woman covers her body, we will have always something to say against her. Why don’t we let those ladies free to do what the hell they want? Who cares if a woman wear a skirt or a pollover in the middle of summer? I think that everybody of us has already problem to solve, we should not think of other’s ones. Just judge a woman for what she does and how she does that and shut the hell up!

But depilation and clothes are nothing in compairs with the Make-Up. Do you want to know why lots of woman puts makeup on? Not because they love it, but because they HAVE to cover all those potencial threat called freckles, wrinkle and pimples. They don’t want to listen us talking too much about how they look, so the cover all they have to, just not no make thier lives harder than it is right now. I’m pretty sure that the Kylie Cosmetic,, for example, wuold not so successful if women around the world were confortable with their faces. Even if women has got a perfect skin, they use makeup just to improve what the have. Why? In my opinion, we should not improve anything and just love how we look. Why do women are forces to put a mask on and lie to theirselves? I feel so bad!

And i haven’t talked about sexuality. If we talk about sex and female freedom, we can start now and end in the next Century. When we talk about “my body, my choice” is not only related to sleep with other people, but to all those little things woman uses to do but she’s no control of or the right to decide. Once we realised that, we should treat ladies with a little bit more emphatie and think like them, once in a while. It would be a better world for everyone!


4 thoughts on “My Body, My Choice!”

  1. Its great that you have spoken about such an important topic! Theres an unrealistic standard thats been set for women to conform to. I hope the next generation of women don’t have the same pressure as now!


    1. I don’t know if something like that might happen. The same man and woman, who are setting rules for women right now, are the same people who will tell to their kids to continue to think like that, because they genuinely belive it’s the right way to see the world. It would be happy is something in the future will change, but i don’t see a blue sky…

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  2. This is great, you’ve said it all! Women should be allowed to do what they want with their body without being judged or attacked.


    1. This should the 2020! Women have suffered and fought enough for something they should have anyways. Sometimes it feel to still live in the middle age…with the difference of technology!


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