My top 15 Dance Songs!

I am one of those people who listen music all day. I am sure that i was born with the headphone on my ears and i will die with it still on. My mom have not confirmed yet, but i am pretty of sure about it. I just love to spend some time alone either with my thought or thinking of nothing. The world is giving us plenty of reason to be worried about, for a couple of hours i want to be free and have some time for me, only me.

And to achieve that, nothing is better, in my opinon, than some good dance music. Not the one you can listen to the club, or in those awful remixes, but thse dance music that will give you lot to be happy for. I just love dance music which both have a great melody, energy and can trasmit emotions or some kind of special vibes. If you really want to know what i am talking about i leave you a little “top 15 songs” i used to listen to when i’m home or when i’m around.

You can actually use this playlist whereever you want: either to run or just to isolate yourself from the rest of the universe to fell free to fly with your soul. Enjoy and let me know which song do you like the most and if you have other song i can add here!!

15 – Keep Dancing (Jaquita, Crazibiza & Samuele Sartini) – It’s sound summer. Nothing more to say.

14 – Just got paid (SIgala) -Once you listen once, you can’t stop. So much positive energy in only one song.

13 – Atomic (she) – Some electronic, exotic and powerful song from Japan! We have here some good stuff.

12 – Wait (Martin Jensen) – Sweet song tha gives you that amazing chill vibes that will make you fell better since the very beginning.

11 – Last Forever (Oliver) – Amazing, just amazing!

10 – I miss u (Jax Jones & Au/Ra) – It’s a dark sound, but so many romantic power in it. Must to have for everyone.

9 – Back (Lorenz Rhode) – “I want you back in my life!” you will know what i’m talking about.

8 – Monophobia (deadmau5) – Darkness, power, sweetness in the beginning. Just insane!

7 – Stay (David Guetta) – powerful beat and an amazing voice. What can you ask more from a song?

6 – Addicted to you (Avicii) – Just a masterpiece from Avicii.

5 – Pray to God (Calvin Harris) Some christian sound in the beginning, then explode like a granade in your ears or in your sound system.

4 – Stay (Zedd & Alessia Cara) – It’s not actually a typical dance song, but it’s so good, so passion in the singer’s voice. Zedd here made a huge job.

3 – Summer nights (Tiesto & John Legend) – When two starts collide, a bright and powerfu explosion is what happen. The song is that explosion!

2 – Side Effect (The Chainsmokers) – Dark, and a perfect mix between power and sweetness.

1 – Lullaby (Sigala & Paloma Faith) – You, the sunset, a drink in your hand and the peace of the ocean in front of you. This is the description of the feeling i have listening to this music.

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