I was searching for a picture for another post i wanted to write. I opened my trusted site and in the very first page i saw this picture and then i thought: “OMG, a kid who’s readind a book? It’s insane!” and then i have had the idea of this post. I really don’t understand why culture is so dangerous! What’s the problem with being wise?

Well, the problem is that with smart people leading a country can be exhausting and probably impossible. Not for me, i would be happy if wise people told me what to do, but not for the people in charge right now. Why? Because politics doesn’t involved people with a well-working brain. Those two part should be on the same page, but they are not. I actually had problem to figure out the reason why wise people are a threat for many leader, then i started to think about presidents around the world and then i get that. There’s only one person scared from culture: an ignorant. An ignorant can’t understand an intelligent and viceversa. They have no idea how to speak. However and intelligent can explain his thought and bring proves to confirm wha is saying is right, something an ignorant can’t do. And given the fact an ignorant doesn’t love to look like an ignorant, we will try everything we can to destroy the intelligent.

So, the ignorant (the leaders) surronds himself (i said himself because 99% of the leaders are men) with other ignorance. And how can you grow your ignorant fanbase? Cutting the investiment to school and culture in general. If someone can’t inform himself freely, we will listen the one with “the truth”, like North Korea, for example! And here we are having the same stupid president forever. And for me, there’s nothing left to do that find a way to go to Mars, right now!

And looking how bad this world is, we need culture and wise people more than ever. People, let be clear: i find funny all the cospiracy theory around everything, but they should be jokes, not something that people believe as real. Are you kidding me? How can you believe tha the Earth is flat, we have never been on the Moon, the Coronavirus doesn’t exist, all the celebrities dead throughout the last century are still alive and aliens are leading the world? You just can’t.

You think that it’s not a big deal. Well, as long as we talk about stupid theory. But what if the president one day says to those people that a minority of people is trying secrectly to take control of the country? Not a big deal? Imagine, for one second, that this minority is the black or asian community or the LGBT Community. Suddendly racism is become the answer for every problem and innocent people will be haunted, beaten or even kiiled in the name of freedom

It’s crucial that we do our part. We have to vote those who protect culture, invest in the school system and give freedom to the press. We have to inform ourselves as much as we can in freedom. Ignorance is dangerous because an ignorant take always the wrong decision: Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam, Middle East Conflicts, Global Warming and i can go on all day and night. Don’t let that leaders use the culture as a way to cotrol the masses. Being wise is not a problem, but being stupid is!


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