God saves the 4th Power: the press

Politics, establishments, criminal and the people in power always try to shut journalist up or they try to make their job really complicated or almost impossible. I instead say “God bless the press and all the people involved!” They are guardians of our society and they protect us.

The powerful people and politics are always afraid of journalists and reporters, not because they have guns or are violent, but because they have another even more powerful weapon of all: questions. Don’t you think i am right? in the 70s two journalist with one open question were able to make President Nixon resign and in Italy the huge amount of weird and bad news were able to make Presiden Berlusconi resign. Yes, journalist are powerful guardians.

Without Journalist or reporter we would have no idea about the protest in Hong Kong, about the mess around Trump’s administration and we would have absolutely no idea about what happens even in our city. As i said in this post, ignorance is something we are not allowed to be.

Journalists all around the world, in every field, help us to understand what’s going on, the reasons and they reports every single move from the leadership in the country. Without all the information we can read from internet, neewspaper, magazine and all the news we can watch on television and listen to the radio how could me able to live properly? And, even more important, how could we be able to take a decision in the election day? We could not do that, because we would not have all the necessary information to think, analyse and take a decision.

Maybe we can arguing that now there are too many sources and i agree with it: between social media, internet, television and radio you have a huge amount of people talking, writing and telling thier own opinion and point of view about a certain event. It’s a fair point, however i thing that it’s better too much than nothing at all. At least with too much, you can choose where to take all the information from. If you didn’t have nothing you would not be able to choose. However i find really fascinating all this freedom, because you have several point of view on a specific event and you can creat in your head a perfect picture in your mind.

I really find very dangerous and really suspicious when politics starts to attack the media. It’s dangerous because you are saying to your electors that information is bad and journalist are doing something wrong, althought journalist only ask question; suspicious because it looks like politics have something to hide, which makes journalist even more curious and with more questions to be asked. If you have nothing to hide, you should not be afraid of anything.

Journalist are human and they can make mistakes, but they have always apologize for it. Leaders? Not so much.

God bless and protect the press, the guardian of our freedom!


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