Heather Rooney: Perfection Exists!

I just want a play a game with you: the image i used for this post is composed by three pictures. Two of them are drawings, one is a real photo. Try to guess which one is the real one. Heather Rooney is just perfect.

I knew already that in this world there were people with amazing talents. Even if they do something great with their own abilities, i was never impressed or amazed too much. Yes, they are great, but after three days i forgot completely what i had just witnessed.

Then she came and it was a very good day. I was on youtube, as i usually do, and i was getting boring because i couldn’t find something to watch. I was about to close everything when a video kept my attention: it was a speed-drawing video of Emma Watson playing Hermione Granger. And the cover was a photo of her, so i thought, and i expected to see a low quality content where someone pretend to be cool, when it’s not. I couldn’t be more wrong. She didn’t draw, she created an artistic miracle. At the end i was like “what the hell did i just watch?”. For the first time in my life i was literally amazed by someone else’s talent. The final result was not a portrait, it was a photo made with pencil. I never thought that someone might draw so well. She reproduced every single little tiny detail. I am sure that even the photo she used to draw was like “Oh, i didn’t know to have that detail on me!” It was just perfect. Yes, for the first time the word PERFECTION is used for something worthy to be called perfect.

Then i couldn’t stop myself watching one of the very best youtube channel you can actually have the pleasure to watch. I am sure to have watched all her videos at least twice, maybe three times. I just couldn’t get enough. I don’t like art too much, because most of the time i don’t understand that, but her work and effort to deliver such wonderful performances on a white paper is abolutely marvelous.

Trust me: if you watch what she does, your mouth and your eyes will be open like never before in your entire life. I think God, that day, was watching her parents doing their thing and he thought “you know what? I make sure that the baby one day will humiliate everyone with her drawing skill!”

This is something that, however, pisses me off: the fact that she’s not having the success she deserves. If you watch the channel and the views in compairs of the work done, it’s probbaly the most underrated channel in the entire youtube. So, please, make sure to support her, wherever you can! I leave her Youtube channel and her Instagram Account. Don’t miss to follow one of the most amazing talent out there!


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