How important is sex for you?

Before to skip, just give me one minute. I know that those kind of topic is not welcome or you don’t want to read them, but give a shot. Then you can insult me. I promise that it’s not how it looks like.

We all know that in a couple, sleeping together is an important thing for many reason (for some of us is the only thing that really matter), however i am wondering how this moment is really crucial for a healthy relationship. My opinion: not as much as people might think. For me, sex must be the cherry on top of the cake. But you have to bake the cake. Let me explain.

Sex is great if there’s a connection. The deeper the connection, the better the performance. And now people might be upset because they think that the more often you do that, the better the whole thing will be. I don’t think so. I mean, you can become so good that you can move like a God of sex, but it’s a meaningless act of passion. And i nothing against that, but it’s good if you are in a one-night-stand, but if you are involved with a stable partner, he or she demands more. And this more is passion, intimacy, connection, respect, feeling wanted and desired. And you can’t learn it during hot and passionate adults entertainment. How could you if there’s less talk and more wildness? You can’t…and that’s my point.

You learn everything you need just talking with the partner, spending quality time and doing things together, being honest and keeping a open relationship where both of you can say whatever you want without feeling judged. The closer you are, the harder the feeling will be and more amazing sex will be, because it’s not only about moves, but it’s also about what someone feels in that moment. It’s something you can’t put really in words, but there’s a huge difference. It’s like comparing the feeling when you eat a tomato and when you eat a pizza.

This is the cake I was talking about. A cake mad of all that things you can have only with a stunning mentally and emotionally connection with your partner. The stronger this emotion and feelings are, the better the cake will be. Then sex is the tasty, sweet, juicy and red cherry on the very top of that masterpiece.

So, how is sex really important? My answers is “it depends”: sex with emotion is amazing; sex without them is useless and even dangerous. What do you think about it??


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