The world is costantly changing and at every change, there are always new opportunities. Before was the opportunity to earn money in internet with the opening of the first blogs, now social media, especially instagram, is offering huge opportunity to make money. How? This is the funny part.

You can earn money doing absolutely nothing. No kind of talent or effort is required. The only thing you have to do, once you have a certain number of follower, is posing with a product, take a photo with it, invite all of your follower to buy the product you are trying to sell them and earn money. The only effort required, if we can call it effort, is posing for the picture you are going to upload.

Sound amazing, it is amazing and i’m upset about that because can’t do that because, for some unknown reason, i am not capable of gaining followers. I couldeven work with the best photographer in the world, with the best photo editor and i would still have only a couple of likes. I don’t know if i am ugly as a pile of garbage or because i am a man. I’m not sure.

But, if you are a good looking guy and you are fit (i mean, like Chris Hamsworth kinda fit), you will be good enough to become a model. Brand will call you, offering the opportunity to earn money if you post a couple of content posing with the product, which can be clothes, food, energy drink, cars or whatever it might be. However, as a man you can do a lot, but not everything and lots of the men on Instagram doesn’t reach a million subscriber. Half a million would be awesome for me, but not for big brands. It’s a complete another story if you are a woman.

If you have the luck to be born in a female body, you will have all the doors open. Between fitness, fashion, cosmetic, gaming you have a huge choice. The bigger you are, the bigger the name involved in your business and the bigger the name, the more money you will see. In internet, the bigger, the better. For once in this crazy world, if you habe boobs, instagram will appreciate that.

Don’t you believe me? If a woman tries to gain follower, the only thing she has to do is just be naked…well, not completely, otherwise Instagram will delete the content and maybe even the account. Just make sure to show enough skin and your curve, but not too much, and see the magic, my firend. Even better if you look perfect, awesome, cute and beautiful: just take a photo, whatever is might be, and people will start to follow you atomatically, interact with your profile and posts. Reached a certain number, you will be called for collaboration. If you don’t believe me and you think i am sessist, just take a look at the number: the biggest part of the profile with more that 1 million followers are owned by women and lots of them are often either in lingerie, bikini or even naked.

Instagram is the perfect platform for handsome and lazy people to make money…and yes, i’m pissed off that i am not! But luckly i am smart.


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