Sometime humanity is really stupid. Probably you know already! However when we talk about how countries invest money, the situation becomes even funnier. How can someone think that death is more important than life?

I could understand if we talked about the Middle age or the Roman Empire, where people were ignorant like someone who believes in the “flat Earth theory”, but this is 2020, the third millennium and the 21st Century. After all we have been trhough between war, diplomatic crisis, caresty and pandemic how can we still convinced that it’s worthy to invest trillion of dollar/Euros in the army? For what? Just to find new creative and funny way to kill as much people as possilble? I don’t want to sound obvious, but we are talking about new methods to kill innocent people, like teachers, nurses, doctors or simply people who did nothing wrong. The only fault they have is living in “the wrong country”.

War is a bad business everywhere you look at it. It kills people, it’s often a huge waste of time and it’s not well seen by the people in the country…people who are almost all voters…and we know how politician need voters voting for them. Since that conflicts are the stupidest way to solve problem, why don’t we start to stop the investement for the development of new weapons or tactics and we start to invest those same money for the medical research, hospitals and for paying doctors and nurses who deserve to be paid way much more that how much we have been paying them?

Because, the Covid-19 pandemic proved us something pretty important: we are not ready when we talk about healthcare. In all the countries, hospitals were full, not enough people prepared and we are still waiting for the cure…and the pandemic started in 2019. And the pandemic is only the last example. How many diseases are without a cure? Cancer, HIV, all the celebral or genetic diseases are still with no answers: they can actually do whatever they want with our bodies and we can do nothing about it. We can try to delay the syntoms, but we will die if we have cancer. No doubt about it. Why is that? Because the researchers don’t have enough money to do their job. We demand from them a quick answer, but we don’t give them the necessary means to operate in the best possible way…but we have money to create always more effective weapons of mass destruction.

This is not how the world is supposed to work! We are telling that we love life and we have to protect it at any cost, but we spend more money in destroying life than protecting it. I don’t know how you see the situation, but it’s hard to find a sense in all of this! If we only spent a little fraction of what we spend in weapons in research and Healtcare we would have probably already found the immortality. I’m pretty sure about that.


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